What You Need to Know About Critical Care Nursing

Author : Swapnil Pawar | Published On : 26 Jul 2021


Working in critical care is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. If you aspire to become a critical care nurse, you will have to be prepared to spend many hours on feet and work with patients who require emergency treatment. You must be capable enough in attending to your patients’ requirements almost instantly, and have the ability to deal with the pressure on a daily basis. You should also have good knowledge about critical care and continue to learn about it by referring books or listening to a critical care podcast. Here's everything you need to know about critical care nursing.

What does a Critical Care Nurse Do?

A critical care nurse will constantly monitor patients, assist them with fundamental needs, administer medication on time, and deal with emergency situations. Nurses should have a full understanding of all the equipment used in a critical care setting, so that they can provide the most accurate care required for a patient.

They should also keep track of their patient’s treatment progress and ensure that every information recorded in a chart is accurate. These charts will help nurses to stay organised, so as to offer the best care possible. Critical care is a collaborative process, and there must be proper communication about the treatment and medication offered to a patient. Nurses should stay vigilant at all times, in order to promptly respond to emergency situations.

Listening to a critical care podcast during breaks can be helpful, because you get quality information about emergency care from the industry experts. This allows you to become one of the best urgent care nurses the patients can rely upon.

Important Skills Needed for a Critical Care Nurse:

Spending hours and hours in an emergency room can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. Even when the job is pretty challenging, you must be able to have that passion towards helping your patients in restoring their health.

As mentioned earlier, technical skills are necessary for urgent care nurses to perform their tasks or procedures the right way. Technical proficiency will help you to better monitor the patients’ status and provide the required medication, ventilatory support, and more.

Professionals running an urgent care podcast suggest that emergency care nurses should make quick decisions and adapt to change. Sometimes the patient's health condition can get worse quickly, and in such situations, nurses should be able to take action in a matter of seconds.

Team skills is yet another important aspect to have. Nurses, specialists, physicians, and other health practitioners work together towards improving the health of the patient. You must be able to clearly communicate with everyone throughout the treatment process.

As critical care nurses spend so much of their time helping others, they often forget to take care of themselves. Take breaks when necessary, because self care is important. Do what you love and listen to emergency medicine podcasts to familiarise yourself with new developments in emergency medicine.

The author is a certified medical practitioner who runs emergency medicine podcasts for more than four years. In this writeup, he gives an overview of critical care nursing and what skills a nurse working in emergency care must have. Visit https://critcareedu.com.au/ to know more.