What type of Loft Insulation is perfect for you?

Author : Warm Frontuk | Published On : 13 Jan 2022

If you have a loft, then it is recommended to get the loft insulation. Besides cutting your carbon footprint, effective loft insulation grants Uk can also slash your heating bills. Moreover, it makes your home more energy efficient that could definitely increase the value of your home. However, there is a wide range of materials used in the loft insulation process, price, effectiveness, applications, and green credentials are the factors when choosing the best loft insulation. But what are the different types of loft insulation? Let's jump into the list.


Blanket insulation

It is the most common type of insulation that is widely available in the market, as it generally comes in the form of Batts and rolls, which consist of flexible fibers, fiberglass, mineral fiber. Generally, Batts and rolls are made up of rock and slag wool, natural fiber like cotton, and sheep’s wool. One of the major advantages of using a blanket or batt insulation is that it is straightforward to install. It is generally, one of the cheapest options for all-purpose insulation. However, some materials can irritate your skin, so you will need to wear proper protection. 


Loose-fill insulation

This type of insulation consists of lightweight materials such as cork granules, cellulose fiber, foam, wool, or even recycled newspaper. The material used in this type of insulation can conform to any space without disturbing any structures and finishes. 

Loose-fill insulation is perfect for the joists, as it easily fits between irregular space joists or around the obstructions. But the main downside is insecurity, it is not very secure and can be really messy.  


Sheet loft insulation

Sheet insulation is the firm board of either synthetic or natural material, which is designed for insulting the sloping sides of the roof. There are some sheet insulation is available with fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and decorative covering. It can be covered with plasterboard for attractive finishing and tend to provide a high insulating value. But along with these great features sheet loft insulation tend to be the most expensive, than other types of loft insulation.         



So it's impossible to say which type of loft insulation will be perfect for you. Since all the type lists have different purposes and usage, as well as any specific challenges, the shape of your loft possesses. Whether it is for loft insulation or heating device if you are looking for free central heating grants process, then Warmfrontuk will be the perfect option for you.  


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