What to Do When You Have Been Caught With Drug Possession

Author : Michael Arbeit | Published On : 22 Mar 2021

Are you worried about your plan of action when you have caught with drug possession? Every state has different drug laws so you need to consider the drug laws in Suffolk County before you go ahead with your plan. But no matter what you do, you need an experienced drug possession lawyer to help you out with your case. Here are a few points to keep in mind and things to do when you or someone you know has been arrested with drug possession. 

Hire an Experienced Attorney

Although the state has the provision of providing you with a public defense attorney, if you can afford, you should still hire your own attorney that can help you with the case. An experienced attorney will not only defend your case of drug possession, but also help to get your charges cleared. Based on your past record, your sentence can be negotiated and only experienced attorney knows the tactics of convincing the persecutor without offending him. With experiences of similar cases in the past, these specialized lawyers know how the persecution will react to the case in the courts.

Speak To None

When a person is arrested in drug possession case, you are liable to provide the vital details about you for instance your identity, name, address and references. Denying the basic vitals can be counted as interference with the interrogation. But apart from these, you are not supposed to answer any of the questions. You can ask for permission to call up your lawyer. Do not give any false confessions as they can be used against you in the courts and can lead to wrongful conviction. It is always better to speak to your lawyer in private, any friend, acquaintance or witness can be produced in the courts to repeat your conversation with your lawyer.

How to Talk To the Cops

You do not need to answer any of the questions you do not wish to, you can always ask for a lawyer but make sure you do not give any false statement during the interrogation. Any untrue statement would mean providing false evidence and lead to a new case against you. 

These same points are valid in assault case too. If you are arrested for an assault case, you can ask for an Assault Defense Attorney in Suffolk County and you can speak to your attorney in person without giving out any statement to the police. 

Author Bio:

The author is an experienced drug possession lawyer and works for a law firm who also have experienced assault defense attorney Suffolk County