What to do if the varicose vein is bleeding?

Author : Andrew Hadley | Published On : 17 Sep 2021

Varicose veins can cause pain, and tingling in the legs. Varicose veins are swollen, large, and twisted, internal rupture and itching of the swollen veins can lead to heavy bleeding. Many people do not even realize that this type of bleeding damages the blood vessels. Sudden bleeding from varicose veins can be surprisingly serious. This much bleeding in the veins is a dangerous sign. In such a situation, you must need vein treatment. 



What to expect when bleeding from varicose veins-

The amount of blood in the veins is greater than that of the capillaries, so the amount of blood coming out will also be surprisingly high. Varicose vein bleeding is sudden, although it is distracting so you should take steps to stop it. And if the condition is very serious then make an appointment with your vein specialist immediately. 

What to do in this critical situation- 


Do not panic if blood flows from varicose veins. However, the sight of blood coming out of the vein can be dangerous. But there are some activities by which blood can be stopped from flowing.


Grab a tissue from the area where the bleeding is occurring and wash it with the help of a cloth or towel. After that, apply strong pressure on that area for at least five minutes and see if the blood stops or not. If you are not able to reach that area then seek the help of someone else. A vein that bleeds like this looks dangerous, although there is a risk of it bursting several hours after bleeding.


 In addition to applying pressure, you lift the coming leg. Place a plastic bag under the area so it doesn't spread blood to other places. Using a cold compress near the bleeding area will constrict the blood vessels and help stop the bleeding.


Take a slow breath; this will help lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which will slow down the bleeding. In some cases, bleeding from the vein can be dangerous for patients. For those patients who have thinner, more delicate skin, varicose vein bleeding can be dangerous. Pregnant women, in particular, should be more cautious, as bleeding can lead to a more critical condition for them.


Usually, the bleeding stops but if it doesn't stop and you feel serious, you can call 911 and seek emergency vein treatment near me. After healing, your vein doctor near me will likely advise you to stay off your feet to stop bleeding from the wound again. Avoid touching or removing the scab, as this can cause the bleeding to start again. 

Get a Complete Vein Test- 

Varicose vein bleeding is a symptom of a larger vascular issue, so a lower extremity vascular evaluation should be done. Several vein treatment options can eliminate hemorrhagic varicosities, the underlying venous problems. Contact a vein specialist California to discuss appropriate treatment options.


Consult your vein doctor to learn more about sclerotherapy, laser therapy, and other treatments. Know which vein treatment is there that can solve your vein problem and can stop the occurrence of bleeding. 

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