What to do after a Truck Accident?

Author : Joseph Franks | Published On : 06 Aug 2021

Auto accidents have a deep psychological and emotional impact on victims, especially if they sustained serious physical injuries. However, the most devastating traffic incidents are those involving heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, and loaders. The car that collides with such a massive vehicle is likely to take most of the impact and damage; the situation is worse for bikers and pedestrians. Many people involved in accidents with trucks die on the spot or do not make it by the time they reach a hospital.

If you are among the lucky survivors in a truck accident, know that you are entitled to compensation for your pain and loss. Truck accidents are complicated, given that a commercial vehicle is involved; typically, this means that various factors have to be considered and multiple parties could be held liable for incurred damages. Hiring Personal Injury Attorney in Port Richey, FL, to represent your case is in your best interests under such overwhelming circumstances. Your attorney will look over and manage all aspects of the case while you can recover from you injuries in peace.

The following steps are important to protect your rights following the crash with a commercial vehicle:

1.Stay and Report the Crash if possible

If you are conscious and able to move after the crash, do not leave the accident scene. You may move the vehicle to the side of the road or get to a safe spot nearby. If the car has broken down, turn on the hazard light in order to ensure that incoming traffic can see you. You should reach out to the nearest police station, or ask someone nearby to immediately call 911.

When someone from law enforcement arrives to investigate, all parties involved in the accident must be present to give their statement. Try to stay calm and refrain from saying anything that makes you look guilty. Do not apologize for the accident or take blame for it in any case. Request for a copy of the accident report prepared by the police, as this is an essential document required to pursue a personal injury claim.

2.Seek Medical Attention

Following the accident, it is of utmost importance for everyone involved to be observed by a medical professional. No matter how you feel in the moment, do not refuse medical attention. The shock of the accident may put you in a state where you don’t feel or realize the extent of injuries. Rejecting medical examination and treatment can be life threatening; not to mention, it may render you ineligible for filing a personal injury claim afterwards.

Medical reports are the key to demonstrating the impact of the accident and determining your loss. Lack of medical evidence can make you look suspicious and encourage the insurance adjuster to deny your claim.

3.Exchange Info with the other Party

If the truck driver flees after the collision, the accident will be identified as a ‘hit and run’. It would be impossible to get the details of the driver under these circumstances, but any piece of information can be valuable. For example, noting down the company name of the truck along with the exact time and location of the accident might help. If the truck driver was decent enough to stop, you should exchange contact information for future reference. The vehicle license plate number and the driver’s insurance details are also necessary to obtain.

4.Document the Accident and Check for Witnesses

Document the accident any way you can, as it will count as evidence to support your claim. It is hard to argue with tangible evidence in court. Photos and videos of the accident scene and sustained injuries are very helpful in unraveling these cases. You can also write down any important details while they are fresh in your mind. A recovery journal shall further supplement your medical documents and receipts. If there are witnesses nearby, exchange contact info, so that they can be called in to testify later on.