What should I do if I am not sure of the laser pointer level?

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 09 Sep 2021

During development and commissioning, it is sometimes impossible to determine the laser level of specific parts of the Laser pointer. At present, we cannot simply assume that the level is the same as that of the laser source, or set at a very low level due to problems. We usually think this is level 3B or even level 4, and take appropriate protective measures, such as wearing laser glasses and gloves, to prevent accidents.Laser hazard and prevention is an appropriate safety measure in the laser process, which is called laser protection. The harmful effect of laser on human body and working environment is called laser method.

Direct light, reflected light and diffuse light are harmful to human body and working environment, and harmful smoke, steam and noise will also be generated in the process of laser and laser processing. High performance laser radiation will damage some precision instruments and even cause fire. The high voltage of the laser current can also cause damage. Laser radiation can cause serious damage to eyes and skin. Human eyes have different transmission and protection capabilities, and the laser absorption capacity of different wavelengths varies with the location of human eye injury. The damage of laser to eyes mainly includes ultraviolet light induced keratitis (also known as electro-optic eye or snow blindness). The visible and infrared lens, sunshade, coagulation, corneal damage caused by burning retina, coagulation, perforation, bleeding and cracks, etc. l'é tendue depends on the laser radiation dose, which depends on the energy, wavelength and operating conditions. The laser source, in which energy is the most important factor.

Laser protection standard is the basis for the application of laser protection measures. General international standards include those of the World Health Organization , the international organization for Standardization and the International Radiation Protection Association. The general standards are formulated by the US Radiation Health Administration (BrH), the US National Institute of standards and the European Electrotechnical Standardization Committee. The blue laser pointer safety standard divides the laser into several safety stages according to the parameters such as initial energy, power and power. Wavelength and pulse width. This fracture is based on the exposure limit directly related to the damage threshold. Further details can be found in the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission .

To protect the Green laser pointer, appropriate protective measures must be taken for the laser source, operators and working environment. The methods are as follows: (1) the protected employees must first receive training and wear laser protective glasses at the place travail.9314 laser; If it doesn't work, it must be placed at the exit of a protective cover. As close to the track as possible to avoid contact with the laser beam. In addition, the optical path must be maintained above or below the height of the human eye, which is particularly important for lasers outside the visible band. During development and commissioning, we are not always able to determine the laser level of specific parts of the product. Its level is the same as that of the laser source, or because of this problem, its level is very low. On the contrary, we usually think it is level 3B or even level 4. There are appropriate protective measures, such as wearing laser glasses and protective gloves, to prevent accidents.