What Should A Student Major In

Author : mohammed delawer | Published On : 02 Mar 2021

What is a major? A major is a specialized area or subject of study for a student that can be chosen before graduating. It is beyond the general subject requirement of a college. It can be physics, chemistry, finance, accounting, and many more. Now the fact is, how much important it is for a student to choose a major. In some cases, a major doesn’t play any role in the job sector. People move on to a new career, which was not in their major in college. But in other cases, it can play the most vital role in your career. Sometimes choosing a proper major can open doors into the workforce and help to get high-paying jobs. So now the question is, how a student can identify in what sector he should major in.

A teenager coach in Dubai Mohammed Delawer said, “A student should choose a major according to his interest, otherwise he will feel stress which can affect his career”.

Some tips regarding what should a student major in:

  1. Subjects you are interested in: You should choose your major considering your interest. If you love what you are studying, you can give more concentration in your study and can bring a better grade which will make your career smother. But if you are still unable to find your interest, it is better to slow down. Take your time. Explore more and decide later. Any decision taken in hurry doesn’t always bring a good result.
  2. Subjects that are progressive for a career: Sometimes major is chosen which has a better career. If you are ready to take yourself to the next level, think properly about where you want to see yourself after 10 years. Suppose you want to be a CFO in a company, you should choose Finance as your major, or you want to be a programmer, in that case, you should choose computer engineering as your major.
  3. Money Factor: Money is a vital factor in our life. You can choose a major which will provide you a high range of salary or income. But you also have to remember that earning better cannot always bring peace to mind. So before choosing any major considering earning potential, you need to listen to your heart as well.
  4. Analyze employment rates in the field: Before choosing any major, you should analyze everything about it. Mostly the employment rates. Some sectors have a lot of competition in the corporate sector. For example, suppose you are studying in Dubai. In Dubai, architecture is the most challenging sector. Around 30% of fresh architect graduates are unemployed. On the other hand, only 5% of fresh graduates in the health sector are unemployed. So in this situation, you should keep the health sector ahead to choose as a major.
  5. Attend teenager coaching: Teenager coaching is a unique and effective idea for the students. Teenager coaching classes are held by professionals. The professionals will listen to you carefully and they will guide you to find your interest by yourself. They will also help you to explore more and let you find the best result.

Teenager coaching in Dubai is well-known to the students. Teenagers are like trees, they are needed to be nurtured to grow well. Teenager coaches do the job for them.