Author : Mark Ross | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

The biggest custom vinyl toy show in the South returns with our tenth anniversary show - Saturday Mornings! Free admission to this one night only event featuring some amazing art, free drinks, raffles and lots of surprises.

Come see customs from 40 artists from around the US at this one night only event! Artists start with vinyl toys from companies like Kidrobot, Superplastic and Funko, then turn them into tributes to your favorite memories of Saturday morning! All the cartoons and cereal mascots you remember!

It is finally time for Vinyl Thoughts show 9! This year’s theme is Saturday Mornings. The only thing we think about with Dr. Apples for this show when it comes to the term, “Saturday Mornings,” are Saturday Mornings & cartoons! Saturday mornings in the 1990s! 

Enter a kid Dr. Apples: A 1/6th customizes Blythe doll, replaying many of our childhood. 1990s era, he is planted to the television. His room has been handcrafted with all the nostalgic things that made the 90s so great. There are too many to pick out.  He has everything he needs to enjoy his day -or until the cartoons are over then it’s time to play the Super Nintendo. What a spoiled brat! Enjoy this moment kid Dr. Apples. Pour yourself as much AppleJacks as you desire. Being a kid in this era was a joy. 

About the artist: 
Welcome to the wonderful world of Dr. Apples! His assistant is Apples (the artist). She does his busy work. Apples has been a professional artist for over 10 years in various mixed media forms. In 2018, she created the Dr. Apples franchise to bring awareness to the African American Underground culture. 

This piece will be featured in the Vinyl Thoughts art show 9: Saturday Mornings, for ONE night, at Printed Threads,  200 South Fwy, Fort Worth, TX 76104 – Saturday, September 18, 2021 AT 7 PM EDT – 11 PM EDT. FREE ADMISSIONS!  When you stop by, tell them Dr. Apples sent you!