What’s So Special About New Birdy Standard 9 Speed?

Author : leo liamzoes | Published On : 31 Aug 2021

Touring is a tricky task and it is never limited to just flat straight paths. Apart from that, the biker also needs to carry essentials on the bike. Therefore, they need a bike that has a distinct range of gears that support the steepest climbs and fair through all tough paths and weathers. The new Birdy Standard 9-speed Shimano covers all these requirements along with a few add-ons of its own.

Usually, folding bikes have small-sized wheels and fewer gear inches which reduces the torque needed to move uphill. The handlebars too need to have an all-purpose setup as the biker will be spending long hours over the saddle. Birdy handlebars aptly cover this requirement and if you choose the drop handlebar you get a choice of three different hand positions. It is a suitable choice when you need to avoid numbness over longer rides.

The best thing about Birdy bikes is that they can be reconfigured completely with standard spare parts. You can upgrade every single part whether it is the drivetrain or the handlebars. If you are going for off-roading, upgrade the wheels from 18” to 20”. Birdy offers multiple options with respect to tyres and tubes, so, if needed you may upgrade them as well.

What Is So Special About New Birdy Standard 9-Speed Shimano?

The Standard 9-Speed Shimano belongs to the Birdy foldable bikes series. It comes with all signature features of Birdy like lightweight, easy foldability, and full suspension to ensure rider comfort. The make quality of this bike is world-class and it promises supreme comfort and convenience to all kinds of riders. Whether you are a leisure rider or a commuter or a tourist, this bike will support your cause like no other.
It can be folded to be packed in a suitcase within seconds which ensures its potability in trains, buses, and other public transportations. Initially, you may need a few minutes to fold it but gradually as you get a hand on it, you will be able to fold it within a few seconds.

Other noteworthy features include:

?    A Riese & Muller aluminium monocoque frame.
?    9-speed Shimano Alivio drive train along with Avid brakes.
?    REar polymer bushing and front suspension absorb the shocks from road bumps.
?    An adjustable handle to enhance comfort and convenience on long rides.