What Questions to ask a book layout designer before hiring?

Author : John Smith | Published On : 06 Jul 2021

To design the cover layout of your newly written book, hire a professional from a reputed studio in the UK. By allowing the book layout designer to involve in the work will not only save the precious time to frame strategies with the marketing team for promoting your book but also pave the way for making the cover look excellent. 

While hiring a book cover designer in the UK, prepare a list of questions that you need to ask the professionals as the future of your book is in their hands. Being in the book industry, you must agree on what significant impact the covers create in driving the attention of the readers. Therefore, do not keep any gap in creating the best front, spiral and back cover of your book to ensure 100% first impressions. 

Here, we have collected some of the most important questions that you might ask the book cover designer before hiring

Do you have the experience to create a book cover layout for the genre of my book?

Having a designer with prior experience in the genre will help you immensely as you hardly have to spend time to make him understand the book. All they would want to have a basic concept of the storyline or the non-fiction you have penned to create the layout for the books self publishing or if you are publishing it traditionally. 

What is your total experience? Do you have a portfolio to present?

Before giving the designer the job of creating the book cover, ask about the total experience. Make sure that the professional or the team in a renowned studio in the UK has not only acquired the experience with years but also has a portfolio to show. 

Study the portfolio of the book layout designer to have a definite idea about their professional proficiency. The top professionals finely categorise their work libraries to show their future clients accordingly. 

You can see the samples from their websites. However, to check some of their exclusive creations, connect with the designers for more relevant samples of the previous cover designs they created in your genre. 

What marketing services you can offer?

For books self publishing, often authors have to shoulder the marketing and branding services despite having a marketing professional or a freelancer with them. If you are in the same boat, make sure you need various layouts based on your book cover for promotional services. Starting from branding yourself as an author to releasing a book trailer- along with high-quality content, you need appealing images and designs for social media campaigns to PPC, email marketing, and vlogging while aiming to reach out to the targeted audiences. 

Ask the book layout designer whether he/she can help you create covers for sequels or prequels of the series you started writing. The additional designing services also include audiobook covers, eBook covers, Facebook cover design, Twitter header images, ads display covers, 3D Box images, and the strategized layout for email marketing. 

Do you guarantee 100% ROI? Should I count on your amazing communication?

From the references and reviews, you can have a prior estimation of the professional abilities of the designer. Still ask them whether they guarantee 100% ROI. Finally, talk to them about the instant communication they ensure particularly if you are outsourcing the book cover designing job to a UK-based studio.