What Is the Sundance Residential Louvered Roof and Its Purpose

Author : Prestige Services | Published On : 15 Apr 2021

The Sundance Louvered Roof has dramatically increased natural appeal and relaxation for residential and commercial clients. It helps to spend more time outdoors to provide family and visitors with an enhanced outdoor experience. Sundance roofs have so many functions that most roofing roofs obviously cannot. With heavy-duty, high quality, 6x6 aluminum posts, engineered gutter systems, and the best snow load capability in the industry, consumers will achieve about any look they want.

What is the purpose of Sundance/residential louvered roofs?


Providing shade is perhaps the most common explanation for deciding to invest in an outdoor roof. A structure like this helps you enjoy your outside space for more than one hour of the day, even on warm days where the sun beats the hardest. Simply closing the louvered or angling them in the opposite direction offers just the proper level of shade to make everyone feel relaxed.

Temperature Control

Using a patio cover to regulate the weather goes hand-in-hand with regulating the shadow and sunshine over your deck. Shield the sun and, of course, the temperature will drop. However, you could also use the angles of the residential louvered roofs to monitor how air moves in or out, which inevitably offers a cooler room for sitting.


Many homeowners do not think of a roof above their deck as a means of privacy. Traditionally, this is left to gates, hedges or walls, or partitions attached to the deck. In certain situations, a louvered roof may offer a sense of privacy. Closing the roof entirely will help you block noise at a backyard gathering so that those in the neighborhood cannot hear the conversation. 

Visual Appeal

Sundance Louvered roofs systems motorized roofs on the recent concepts. However, they are gaining popularity in residential areas, though they have only made their way to restaurants and commercial assets. However, homeowners feel that the aesthetic charm of a louvered roof will potentially make their outdoor space the highlight of their house. 

When is the right time to use a louvered roof?

If you enjoy the garden, it is the right time to use the residential louvered roofs. It is a perfect addition to every outdoor space, as it makes almost year-round use, depending on the typical environment.

On a mild day, your roof can be entirely open, allowing both the sun and the breeze to enter your deck for a nice spot to rest. It is particularly useful on a rainy day as the lovers can be fully closed, offering an almost watertight roof. You can also chill in your outdoor room or barbecue your favorite meal with no risk of getting muddy. Many of these roofs even come with gutters and downpours to prevent the rain from coming from the top.