What Is The Purpose Of An Art Exhibition?

Author : Robin Lewis | Published On : 05 Jan 2022

With the start of the new year 2022, we have merriment, new goals, and of course a fresh perspective to start this new life. Most try to make the best of this time by visiting family or friends, partying all the night. However, we have some artistic minds who love to admire art and the meaning hidden behind. The best way to do so is to visit an art exhibition. For instance, if you have always been a fan of abstract painting in Singapore, you should reach to an art gallery nearby and at least appreciate the artwork of the artists.

This would lead us to ask – what is the purpose of such art galleries? Why do they exist? Let us try to decode it here.

Not to mention that art is the way of expressing emotions in a non-generic way. Every artist has an eye for detailing and art is always subjective. What one artist may feel right, the other artist may feel wrong, and there are no arguments. The beauty of the art lies in the eyes of the behold and while we cannot do anything else to support these artists, the least we can do is to behold such art work and bring some insights to our lives.

Further, art does not have value until it has admirers. Imagine being in an empty space, will you talk with the walls? Of course, not. Artists always want to send us a message. This happens when people gather to admire the work and this is going to happen only in such art galleries. These art galleries will let you admire and appreciate the art work and leap beyond to understand what these things mean.

Not only that, art is a medium of earning for a lot of artists. These art galleries stock up paintings and when they are sold, the artists are eligible to receive royalty on the same. By visiting an art gallery, and purchasing an artwork, we end up feeding our artists.

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