What is the Importance of Noise Survey for Construction Sites?

Author : Compliance 4Buildings | Published On : 02 Aug 2021

Noise pollution is one of the significant concerns globally, and construction sites are some of the noisiest places. It is because powerful machinery and equipment are used in the construction sites that are harmful to the workers at site and people living nearby. In many countries, local authorities are responsible for putting restrictions and to maintain the noise level. That is why consulting experts for noise survey in Essex is mandatory. In this article, we will know more about the importance of noise survey. So, let’s get started. 

noise survey in Essex

  1. As stated earlier, noise monitoring of construction sites is necessary because it is one of the noisiest places. Noise monitoring is essential for environmental as well as occupational reasons. Whenever a construction project starts, the contractor or developer should take the necessary steps to control the noise level.
  2. There are various types of noise surveys like – walk-around surveys, site surveys that are done using sound level meters, and noise dosimeters are used for individuals sampling surveys. 
  3. The local authorities have to maintain the noise level. The noise of a construction site should not disturb the people living nearby. The authorities have the right to impose a fine or suspend a construction project if it does not comply with the rules. 
  4. In most places, the noise survey of the construction site is done on various stages. The noise level is monitored at every stage of the construction project. So that the site remains safe for the construction workers and compliant with the regulations of the local authorities. 
  5. Some professionals install noise monitors on construction sites. Anyone can view the real-time data and the noise level of the site in the noise monitors. If the site exceeds the noise limit, it alerts the people. According to the alertness, the issue is identified and rectified to avoid the penalty of the authorities. 
  6. Noise in a construction site varies depending on the activity taking place at the site. Noise level keeps changing according to the usage of equipment. Some of the noisy activities in a construction site include - using jackhammers, dump trucks, cement mixers, and cement cutters, electric saws, tamping machines, and welding machines. With the addition of new equipment, the noise level can be hazardous. That is why workers are advised to use hearing protectors. 

The bottom line 

A noise survey is an essential part of the construction project. Contractors should make sure that the site is managed safely and compliantly. Noise surveys help to identify the issue so that adequate measures can be taken for reducing the risks. Therefore, one should always choose reliable services for carrying out the noise survey at the construction sites.