Author : copx martin | Published On : 31 Mar 2021

What is the difference between the two?  Modern office design is among the latest trends bringing change to work places.  While there is a lot of discussion on the best office layout, many are still confused, and often find themselves in a debate comparing workstations, andcubicles. Not many people are into office designs or updated on the latest office trends. This article provides an in-depth understanding of different office trends, as well as a clear understanding on the difference between cubicles and workstations.

Cubicle are a common trend especially in the traditional office setup. Cubicles allow workers to focus on their work by eliminating all sorts of distractions, such as sound. High wall like partitions ensure that an individual in a cubicle works with maximum concentrations, of course while also affording privacy. Cubicles are commonly preferred by offices dealing in handling high number of customers. A good example is a call center, Workers working in such offices have access to their individual cubicle partitions.

 With the current situation where various businesses are trying to get back on their feet, post covid 19, cubicle partitions are slowly gaining popularity. Health protocols dictate a safe social distance which can only be achieved from cubicle partitions. Cubicles are much private, and employees can concentrate well in their individual cubicles rather than when they work from a workstation desk where distraction is more likely.

Workstations on the other hand are a different version of the cubicles. This design is commonly adopted by open offices. In the open office system, the employees work in collaboration, thus they are not separated from one another. The office space is often shared whereby, each employee has their own partition of a large desk.

 Concentration: Unlike cubicles, workstations keep employees close together. However, concentration is quite hard with the workstation, where employees have to share the common open space. 

Features to consider

 Efficiency: In terms of efficiency, the issue is debatable. Some people may urge that team work increases productivity as employees can consult one another. Workstations allows consultation among workmates unlike cubicles where each person is required to work from their own private space.

 Teamwork: Workstation allows team work among employees since all workers work from a common space area.

 Office activity: It becomes much simpler to integrate activity based working with the workstation model rather than the cubicle system.  Sitting arrangement is the office can be changed accordingly depending on the activities employees are engaging in.

Perhaps you may not realise this but the type of furniture in your office plays a significant role in the spirit and productivity of your company. 

Making a decision is hard especially when you have to decide which furniture best suits your office needs.

Which is the best for desk division.

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