What is the difference between Foreign Exchange and Currency Exchange?

Author : Vandana Rana | Published On : 17 Aug 2021

The currency of any place acts as a medium of exchange. Currency is essential for daily transactions like buying, selling, investing, paying taxes, and much more in a country. With so many countries having their currency while trading, the role of each currency tends to change.

Whenever a person plans to invest or gears up for a family vacation, the need for exchanging the currency arises. But, with so many fluctuations in the market, is there a right time to do all these things?

Let’s take up the example that you are a big firm and wish to be a part of currency trading. With all the preparations, you will tend to reach out to the forex dealers in Delhi. But, once you let your needments out, all you can see is a blurry image of understanding foreign exchange and currency exchange.

So, what to do?

To help you make a profitable bid, here is all you need to know about foreign exchange and currency exchange.


Currency exchange is helpful when you are visiting a foreign country for reasons like studying, touring, holidaying, and working. During such times, you will need the currency of the country you are visiting to care for the necessities and daily transactions. Also, once you are coming back to your home country, you’ll need currency exchange again.

The forex dealers in Delhi help in foreign currency trade with the help of a defined market rate. The purpose of the Forex market is to maintain a flow and mechanism of trade through which buying and selling take place in the international market.

Best time to use

Banks, financial institutions, alongside others like the credit unions, offer currency exchange services. The best time to seek their assistance is before you move abroad. Once you land abroad, you can move forward with using the ATM. After returning to your home country, you can reach out to the banks and unions who’ll be ready to buy back the foreign currency.

The forex dealers in Delhi target the actions of the forex market. They suggest that the market is the most active when the market hours happen to overlap the sessions. During this time, the range of currency trading that is buying and selling increases. The overlap windows are 1 pm to 4 pm (GMT). During this time, both the London and New York exchanges are open. So, if you wish to trade in various currencies, seek help and opt for transactions during this time.

Basic working

A currency exchange allows businesses to exchange their home currency in physical form like coins and paper for a foreign currency. So, for example, if your home country deals in Rupees, through currency exchange, you can get another currency, say Euros, after reducing the basic fees. Also, currency exchange acts as a determinant of the strongness of a currency in comparison with others.

But, with the help of the forex dealers in Delhi, foreign exchange is possible. The other name for the foreign exchange market is the Forex market. It acts as a platform to peg your currency’s value in currencies belonging to other countries. The rate at which these transactions take place is either the current rate prevailing or predetermined beforehand. Hence, whenever there is a need for facilitating international trade, the foreign exchange comes into the picture.