What is the best type of Ceiling to use for Commercial Space?

Author : story boxx | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

Most of the commercial buildings that you see these days are huge and they need a lot of resources, capital and manpower. Choosing the right kind of ceilings for such massive structures is sometimes complex and even the choice of ceilings will be limited.

However, if the commercial building is small then you can easily use ceilings that are used for residential purposes as well. These are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a ceiling for commercial space:

  • Good Aesthetics
  • Offer insulative properties
  • Create an inviting ambience
  • Offer good lighting


Best Type of Ceilings for Commercial Space

1. Exposed Ceilings

Exposed ceilings often feature an industrial type of look. So, to put it simply, they are not that pretty but they still have a sophisticated industrial look to them.

In these types of ceilings, ducts, pipes & electrical wires are not hidden. Instead, their raw design is embraced with the help of exposed ceilings. So, even though you don’t get a finished ceiling, the raw industrial look gives a commercial and office-like feel to the entire building.

The best part about exposed ceilings is their low maintenance simply because every aspect of the ceiling is exposed.

2. Acoustical Ceilings
As the name implies, this ceiling is mainly used for acoustic purposes i.e.,

To dampen the sound that bounces from the surface of the commercial building.

Sometimes these can be instead stunning and also provide a fantastic visual look to the structure too. If done appropriately it will certainly make the area a lot more inviting and cosier, even if the room has very high ceilings. Often times a structure gets built and also as it is used there is a horrible great deal of noise bouncing around. This is an approach that is low-cost to fix that problem without tearing out the initial ceiling.

With combined shapes and also products these ceilings will certainly soak up the acoustic waves. This is excellent for flight terminals, shopping centers as well as other huge buildings that have a lot of difficult surface areas for cleaning up functions but require to tone done all the noise that is showing off these surface areas.

3. Suspended Ceilings
Suspended ceilings are one of the most extensively utilized ceiling systems for business ceilings This is due to the fact that they are easy to set up and supply all types of customer options. They also benefit noise decrease along with offer fantastic protecting properties. Suspended ceilings are ceilings that are dropped from the initial ceiling and also suspended over the flooring.

These are a few types of ceilings that you can use for commercial spaces and even residential buildings as per your needs.