What is the best time to change to winter tires?

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

For most of the resident in Calgary, things are pretty simple with their routine. We all know the weather schedule and we keep our months rolling in a direction. The weather is again going to change soon. From the hot sunny days to crisp days of fall and then you will suddenly see snow on the leaves. This is the time you must think of winter tires in NE Calgary. Regardless of whether you are a resident of Calgary or any other place, you must always make wise investment decisions with regards to your tires.

Most of our clients who come to us for refurbishing tires in NE Calgary, ask about the right time to switch to winter tires. Although the thumb rule says that you will need winter tires between Thanksgiving and Easter. These holidays are the markers they mostly fall during the start and end of the year when it is likely that the temperature will fall below 7°C.

While you have been dealing with your vehicle since long, you would already know that winter tires have been specially designed for better handling, traction and braking distances in any condition or weather when the temperature is below 7°C. That is why the tires are useful for us all. These tires allow the drivers to be prepared for not just cold weather, but the snow, slush, freezing rain and ice that is a part and parcel of such kind of weather.

The manufacturers of such winter tires in NE Calgary are dedicated to create, redesign and improvise a wide selection of high-quality, effective and safe snow tires and so each of the vehicles get a set of such winter tires before the snow falls. No matter what your driving style is and whether you love to take your vehicle near the rough mountain trails, it is essential that you get these tires installed. These tires are so designed that the look, style, feel and aesthetics of the vehicle will never be at stake.

When the temperature is about to go below 7°C, this is a major indication that you need to get your tires changed. When the season is too chilly, the rubber compounds in the tires react in a different way. The normal tires will become stiff and braking will become difficult in cold, wet and snowy conditions. This is the time when the drivers must opt for winter tires to let go of such problems.

Whether you are looking forward to change winter tires in NE Calgary or you need to get your vehicle checked, you can always reach out to us. Our team of expert mechanics will be there to help you.

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