What is the Behavioral Interviewing STAR Method?

Author : Interview Assistant | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

 What is the Behavioral Interviewing STAR Method?

In today's world, recruiters have to screen hundreds of resumes in order to find the perfect fit for a job which is a very difficult task. To simplify this task, many recruiters are turning to behavioral interviewing to better understand the candidates.

Behavioral interviewing focuses on how you have tackled difficult situations in the past. Many recruiters believe that your past actions demonstrate how you will handle such circumstances in the future. Hiring managers want to assess what soft skills you've developed which are required for the job from your professional, academic and personal experiences. In order to answer these questions efficiently, candidates should opt for the STAR method of behavioral interviewing.


Behavioral Interviewing refers to a method wherein the interviewer explores the past of the candidates to figure out whether or not they are the perfect fit for the future of the company. Behavioral interview includes situation-based questions and a judgement of how a candidate handled it in the past. These interviews require specific instances from the past, and then the employer carefully curates questions on the basis of real-life situations and evaluates the candidate’s capabilities as a potential employee. Behavioral interviews help the hiring managers analyze the competencies of the candidates instead of just assessing their skills required for the job as in the case of traditional interviews.


Behavioral questions often begin with phrases like “Tell me about a time...” or “Give an example of…” Behavioral interview questions are often aligned with other types of interview questions rather than conducting it as a whole behavioral interview. Such questions can be easily answered with the help of STAR technique.

The STAR method is a format used by interviewees to answer behavioral or situational interview questions. A behavioral question is an open-ended question that induces the candidates to share a similar situation which he/she experienced at work in the past and how they tackled that situation.


Such questions accommodate the interviewer by providing a deeper understanding of a candidate’s behavior. This allows the recruiter to understand if a similar situation occurs in the future, how the candidate would react and handle the stressful situation.

As a candidate, whenever you have to answer any behavioral interview question, consider answering using the STAR method. STAR method stands for:


Situation- Explain what the problem was.

•    What was the issue?

•    What needed to be achieved?

•    What limitations were in your way?

•    Include what, who, where, when and how aspect of the problem.

Task- Describe your responsibilities.

•    What was required to be done?

•    Who was responsible for doing those things?

•    How soon were they required to be done?

Action- Describe the steps you took to tackle the situation.

•    What exactly did you do?

•    How did you approach the task?

•    Clearly define the steps you took to resolve the problem.

Result- Elaborate the outcomes of your actions.

•    The business outcome.

•    How were you able to solve the issue?

•    How did you specifically contribute to that outcome?

•    What have you learned or accomplished?