What is Snagging Inspection? Properscan is used for It?

Author : Proper Scan | Published On : 13 May 2022

Snagging inspection can be described as a comprehensive technical analysis of the new home and is intended to reveal any possible defect. After you have a complete understanding of the technical condition of the home, you are able to bargain for a better deal or request the correction of the identified issues prior to signing any formal contract and moving into your new residence.

What does properscan have to cover?

Your Technical Advisor, Anywhere, Anytime

Our inspectors will visit you when you visit your property within and around Dubai with us as your technical advisor

Instant Technical Opinion

When the inspection is completed after an extensive examination, you will be provided with the report in digital format to aid you in making an informed choice

Detailed Work

Our engineers have access to an extensive database of 2,500+ problems and have the expertise to offer excellent technical assistance

Deal Negotiations

The inspection will expose any existing problems in the future property you purchase and determine the cost of repairs in order to better bargain to seal the deal.


If you can identify any issues with your new residence prior to moving in, you can make sure that you don't waste time for future maintenance tasks at your new home

Discount on Future Inspections

The inspection could lead to a long list of issues that must be addressed. We'll offer you an exclusive discount on the inspection of the property again.

Why should you choose us?

Your legal right to be aware of any possible issues regarding your new home. We can give you an honest and impartial technical opinion to enable you to make the right decision. Home Inspection

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC

This includes air conditioning system and the water heater vent ducts, as well as electrical connections, in order to determine the potential problems with cooling and heating performance as well as air/water flow

Plumbing Systems

including the traps, supply lines, faucets, waste lines, and other elements that help to determine possible leaks, clogging, and corrosion

Electrical Components

The main electrical board, sockets, amperage and wiring, switches, and lights, in order to make sure that the building is in compliance in line with UAE standards and minimize the risk of short-circuits

Insulation of Windows & Doors

In addition, the condition of the frames panels, frames, and operating mechanisms that can detect noise, air or temperature leaks/insulation issues

Building & Amenities

including the common space (parking and gym areas corridors, access areas) as well as humidity levels, temperatures, reception on phones, and much more.

Moisture Content

This includes a thermal imaging analysis of surfaces, as well as an extensive investigation of the moisture content making use of the most modern equipment available that is available.

Paint Finishing & Tiles

including floors, walls, and ceilings, in order to spot possible structural and non-structural cracks and paint quality issues, and stains that are not visible.

You can get a quick assessment of the technical condition of the property by leveraging our database of over 2500 common issues in apartments! Find the problems and be more aware of the condition of the property! Make sure you are protected and negotiate more effectively! Get a Properscan!