What is Pardot and Why Should You Become a Pardot Certified Specialist?

Author : Six Consulting Corp | Published On : 23 Nov 2021

You may have heard of Salesforce, but what exactly is Pardot? Even those who actively work with Salesforce might not have heard of Pardot before or understand what it is used for. A Pardot specialist is exactly the kind of person who knows how to use the platform to drive efficiency, productivity, and revenue in business.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is defined by Salesforce as a business-to-business (B2B) application for marketing that emphasizes automation. It is designed to help marketers develop connections, generate leads in the pipeline, and give salespeople the power to close the deals that the marketing leads generate. The B2B marketing automation in Pardot also works to engage buyers with personalized campaigns. IT professionals who are Pardot certified can expect to use their skills in building marketing campaigns within the platform. 

What is Marketing Automation?

To understand what a Pardot specialist does, it’s important to understand how marketing automation works. A Pardot certified specialist will tell you that marketing automation attached to customer relationship management (CRM) systems can track customer data and use it to drive more sales from that customer. Pardot can use multiple strategies to help marketing teams set up campaigns to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. These pathways include email, social media, and direct sales. B2B marketing automation will become a second language to anyone who seeks to specialize in Pardot. Because it is so specialized, Pardot specialists are heavily recruited and well paid for their services. Therefore, understanding the many facets of marketing automation (especially as it relates to B2B platforms) is a great place to start.

What are the other features of Pardot?

Like all things Salesforce, data is king and Pardot is data driven. One of the most desirable aspects of Pardot is the business-to-business advanced data analytics. This means a Pardot certified specialist should know how to maximize sales and marketing through data. People who have the Pardot skillset can help shape a customers’ journey and enhance their overall B2B sales experience. Salesforce’s internal stats suggest that Pardot’s marketing automation may increase a campaign’s effectiveness by over 30%. 

Why should you specialize in Pardot?

More and more developers are becoming Salesforce specialists. Because it has become a prerequisite platform for many of the huge tech companies around the world, it’s important for any developer to gain some working knowledge of it.

In order to stand out from the competition and negotiate a salary that reflects your expertise, it’s a good idea to specialize in software platforms with less developer competition that are consistently being recruited for.  By specializing in Pardot, you will gain an advantage over many other Salesforce developers applying for the same position, even those with more experience than you. Because of the high desirability of this specialized niche, you can expect a generous salary along with it. Some certified Pardot specialists earn up to 4 times as much as senior Salesforce developers with the same amount of experience.

Source: Six Consulting.