What is High Risk Credit Card Processing?

Author : Jacob Allen | Published On : 05 Apr 2021

We understand that for a high risk business, it is difficult to get a high risk merchant account. Getting an approval is difficult actually. At the same time, finding a reliable high risk merchant is also tough and challenging. You should be surprised to know that having one can actually streamline your business processes. Working with a payment processor who knows everything about the high risk industry will only improve your reputation in the market and keep all your money secure. If you are still wondering to get a high risk merchant account and do not know what should be done next, you should read the following section of our blog. 

Always remember that when your sales go up, there are high chances of frauds. Thus, it is very important to ensure that your payment processing system is backed by superlative security solutions that will keep you safe from the criminals. This is primarily important for the high risk merchants. 

Who is a high risk merchant? 

Payment processing card associations have defined some online business models and industries risky. Several factors can put you into a high risk category, but the main reasons can refer to your chargeback ratios, returns on payment processing and so on. The companies considered as high risk businesses that are more prompt to chargebacks than regular merchants, their activity and transaction patterns would require in-depth analysis. Before any payment provider decides whether to work with a certain company, it estimates how likely the business will be able to generate chargebacks and what would be their origin. 

Thus, for a high risk business it is very important to work with a high risk payment processor. You can come to We Tranxact Ltd. and we will help you in the best way to cater to your payment requirements. As a high risk credit card processor, we will accept all the liabilities of increased risk. This risk is calculated differently from regular merchants and thus, it requires the complex processes to be taken into account. This will also come with higher chances of fraud. Hence, while you choose your payment gateway, you should ensure that it is a dedicated one and it is going to monitor all your transactions precisely with an AI-based system that notifies them of the suspicious money activities. 

For instance, the systems used at We Tranxact allows the businesses to filter the fraudulent users manually and automatically thus, allowing the business to be in-charge of the entire business activities. You will be given the set of tools customized to the needs of your business. It is time to take a call and reach out to us today. 

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