What Is Gorilla Glue Strain and Its Medicinal Uses?

Author : wholesale bud | Published On : 22 Apr 2021

A unique strain that is 65% sativa, yet the person smoking a joint of gorilla glue strain cannot leave the couch. People who have first smoked a gorilla glue strain are pretty surprised because it is a sativa dominant plant that means you will be feeling energetic and enthusiastic the entire day. But that is the opposite of what the gorilla glue shatter strain does to your body. Usually, people consume this strain at night for a nice relaxing time. This article will explain what gorilla glue strain is and its medicinal uses.

1- What is gorilla glue strain?

A strain obtained by crossing dour double, chocolate diesel and chem’s sister is a 65% sativa dominant strain. It has 25% THC and is a favourite among the weed community, and also has won numerous awards for its effects and unique nature. A couple of smokes of the gorilla glue shatter strain, and you will feel like your body relaxing and experiencing the high like never before.

This beautiful plant flowers within eight to nine weeks. The gorilla glue strain in Canada gives higher yields if the plant is grown indoors. Frequent use of the strain will make the person more depressed, and the person will start experiencing chronic pain. The biggest drawback is that the person will be sleepy most of the time.

The fragrance released by the strain at the beginning is very intense. Once the aroma settles in, you can smell slight hints of pines and earthy notes. After some time, the users also smell chocolate and coffee, making it more sweet and unique. The taste is mainly sour apple taste and gasoline since its parent is sour diesel.

2- Medicinal uses of gorilla glue strain

Doctors, especially dentists, have been recommending this particular strain for people who have severe gum disease and occasional muscle spasms. Since it has very little to zero CBD, it is not preferred by patients undergoing severe medical conditions such as seizures and other mental disorders.

With more concentration of THC, it is used by people who want to solve minor problems. These problems include insomnia, being depressed, losing appetite and mild symptoms of OCD. Higher levels of THC also helps the patient cure chronic pain and other minor problems. You must know your limits when smoking the gorilla glue shatter strain because excessive use of the strain is one of the main reasons people are stressed at work.

People who do not have a strict sleep pattern or schedule benefit from a higher dosage of the gorilla glue strain. It helps the person sleep for a longer duration and also relaxes the body. Once the body relaxes, you get some good quality sleep to get into a proper sleep schedule.

In conclusion

The gorilla glue strain is an easy plant to grow, and you can buy good quality seeds of the strain from Wholesalebud.

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