What Is Bruce Banner Strain and How to Grow It?

Author : wholesale bud | Published On : 23 Apr 2021

As the name suggests, the bruce banner strain, named after its comic book superhero Hero, packs a powerful punch from its first puff as the strain has 27% THC. It also comes in green, and the buds are also very big, making the weed look more attractive and puffy. It helps people who are having severe headaches and people with chronic pain. This article will explain what the bruce banner weed strain is and how you can grow the strain.

1- What is bruce banner strain?

The strain is a hybrid and is made by mixing OG kush and Strawberry diesel. This combination helps the strain make it more unique by uplifting the spirits and giving you more energy to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. It is mainly used by people who want to spend their day energetic, focused and alerted while also dealing with any pain they have been enduring.

It is one of the few strains with a high THC concentration in 25% to 29%. Only the name is tough, but it is very sweet as the name when it comes to aroma and taste. When you first inhale the bruce banner weed strain in Canada, you can feel a strong smell of diesel, one of the parent plants, while also being very sweet and fruity.

The taste of this particular strain is more beautiful than the aroma. When you first take a puff of the bruce banner strain, you can taste a sweet candy flavour with some hints of earthy flavours and berries. More precisely, the taste is like tasty strawberries on a warm summer day. At first glance, the strain looks exactly like the Hulk with big green shades, making the strain look more living and fit.

2- Growth information about the bruce banner weed strain?

The plant gives equal yields in both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. When you're growing the plant indoors, make sure that you have an air-cooled lamp that will help maintain the room's temperature and humidity. You must maintain the temperature and the humidity of the room. Only then the strain will give maximum yields.

When growing outdoors, ensure that the plant gets enough sunlight, and the climate is dry. Usually, it takes around eight to nine weeks for the plant to start flowering. Some people have also reported that growing the Bruce banner strain outdoors has produced more yields. When growing the plant in soils, it is advised to grow the plant-feeding more than the usual amount of nitrogen during the vegetative stage as it helps the plant be more healthy. During the flowering stage, the plant must be fed more phosphorus.

To sum it up

It is advised that experienced growers grow the bruce banner weed strain as special care needs to be taken to ensure you get good yields.

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