What is an Off the Shoulder Dress, and How Do You Wear One?

Author : Andy Stephen | Published On : 14 Sep 2021


An off the shoulder dress neckline is characterised by a wide-open neckline that exposes the shoulders. The neckline of an off-shoulder dress is commonly elasticized and gathered, and it may be adorned with frills or ruffles. It's a classic neckline that adorned Regency ladies gowns.

Icon Of Fashion.

Many folks do not strike me as "style icons." Many people have fantastic, daring, even dangerous styles, but there aren't many who I'd label immortal icons. Brigitte Bardot is an exception. I don't understand a lot of her movies because I'm French, but I appreciate her style. So, if there's any way for me to channel even a smidgeon of what she's going through, I'm game. That's why I was obsessing over the Bardot / off-the-shoulder / cold-shoulder / whatever you want to call it a trend. The Bardot craze began in 2015 and has continued for the past six years. I don't normally write on fads, but I believe this one is noteworthy.

I've been stocking up on tops, skirts, and even jumpsuits this summer. When I wear them, though, at least one person informs me that they wish they could wear them but can't because "their shoulders are too broad" or "their torso is too short." Ladies! The most appealing aspect of the Bardot aesthetic is that it flatters everyone.

Everyone Should Look at Things from Different Angles.

Guaranteed, the off the shoulder dress trend caters to those who enjoy exposing their skin, but that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Look for styles with cap sleeves or a draping cold-shoulder sleeve, which is the most recent variation on the trend (and what I'll be buying next!). Look for designs with cap sleeves or a draping cold-shoulder sleeve, which is the latest take on the trend (and next on my shopping list!). If you're conscious of your upper arms or that armpit fold, we're all prone to, look for designs with cap sleeves or a draping cold-shoulder sleeve, which is the latest take on the trend (and next on my shopping list!).

Include Your Neckline

Avoid wearing a straight neckline if you have a huge chest because it will make your shoulders appear wider and give you the dreaded monoboob. A sweetheart neckline will draw attention to your curves while also smoothing your décolletage.

Invest in a waist cinch.

Although this striped off the shoulder dress is exquisite, it was a little sack-like and didn't suit my figure. As a result, I took a material belt from another garment and knotted it around my waist to give it some shape. The beauty of the Bardot trend is that it is sensual without being overwhelming, thus many of the styles are more laid-back. I adore this, however, a knotted or narrow belt is more often than not unsuitable.

With Care, Accessorize

I don't wear a necklace with my Bardot items because I want my shoulders and back to do all the talking. A thin, delicate necklace, on the other hand, would offer another layer to your outfit if desired; just make sure it isn't too much.


And If You're Feeling Very Brave...

I like to wear my off the shoulder dress top underneath a sleeveless shirtdress in a neutral colour if I want to try something a bit different. You can do the same thing with a vest top to give it a new look.

And If You Feel Like Taking a Chance...

If I want to try something different, I like to layer my Bardot top under a sleeveless shirtdress in a neutral colour. A vest top can be given a new look by doing the same thing.

What Are Your Thoughts on The Matter?

What are your thoughts on off the shoulder dress style? Maybe you've found a new way to wear it, or maybe you'd rather not wear it at all. At Goddiva, I'd love to hear your thoughts.