What Is An Endowment Plan?

Author : Narendra Singh | Published On : 18 Nov 2021

Malcolm X once said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Rings true because while we spend most of our lives worrying for the future, turns out, preparing for it is not as tricky. We spend majority of our lives saving so as to prep ourselves for the future; however the amount we would end up accumulating won’t suffice if it stays tucked in a corner in a safe (not to mention inflation). Hence, it is critical to invest in an endowment plan so as to make that money work for us beyond what we save.

What is an endowment plan?

 An endowment plan is an insurance saving plan that can provide guaranteed savings. In simpler words, an endowment plan is basically a saving plan that is clubbed with a death benefit.

Payment of premiums:

Typically, you can choose between two kinds of premiums that you would need to pay for an endowment plan:

  1. Single or lump-sum premium:

Under this kind of premium, you will need to pay a lump sum premium in one shot when you buy the plan.

  1. Regular premiums:

In the case of regular premiums, you have to make regular payments during the payment term of the plan you have opted for. You can also choose to finish paying the regular premiums before the plan reaches its maturity.


Types of Endowment Plans:

Endowment plans in Singapore come in different forms and serve distinct purposes which are as follows:


Participating Endowment Plans:

This kind of endowment plan provides a share in the profits of participating funds of the company. The share of the profit is paid in the form of dividends or bonus for the plan. However, dividends or bonuses are not guaranteed since these mainly depend on the performance of the participating fund.


Non-participating Endowment Plans:

These endowment plans usually have guaranteed cash values and maturity values.


Benefits of getting an Endowment Plan:

The benefits of an endowment plan are many. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Many endowment plans provide some kind of coverage in the form of insurance as a part of the general benefit of the plan.
  • Endowment plans can be a great way to prep for retirement and can help in boosting your savings that you already have.
  • Endowment plans are not only for retirement. You can utilise the funds for achieving both short term and long term financial goals, such as your children’s university fees or saving up for your dream holiday.  


In conclusion, endowment plans are one of the available plans when it comes to wealth accumulation and growth. An endowment plan is also a good option if you want to achieve long term financial goals so as to prep yourself for the future financially.

Do you want to invest in an endowment plan or have any questions about different endowment plans? Get in touch with your financial consultant to learn more about these today.