What happens when a migraine hits you

Author : liwo health | Published On : 31 Jul 2021

Migraine is also known as migraine headache, which has various intensities. It is marked by throbbing pain in particular areas of your head, making you stay in bed for several days. It is a treatable ailment by a medical professional. Migraine is chronic, which means it can last for many years or your entire lifetime. You don't need any particular test for detecting migraines as it is self-diagnosable.

The exact cause of migraines is unknown. But we know some common everyday foods that trigger it. For example, too much caffeine intake in tea and coffee, alcoholic drinks, foods having MSG, fermented food and artificial sweeteners etc., promote migraine.

When you have a migraine with aura, which happens after the prodrome stage, you might have issues with your sensation, vision, development, and discourse.

A few of its symptoms are:

  • trouble in conversing properly
  • feeling a shivering sensation in your face, arms, or legs
  • seeing shapes, light blazes, or splendid spots
  • briefly losing your sight

The next stage is the attack stage, which is the most intense or severe of the stages. Sometimes it may overlap or occur during an aura. Attack stage manifestations can last anyplace from hours to days. Embodiments of a headache can change from one individual to another. A few of its indications are:

  • sensitivity to sound and light
  • nauseous
  • wooziness
  • pain on either side of your head
  • beating and pulsating head torment
  • heaving

After the assault stage, an individual will frequently encounter the postdrome stage. During this stage, there usually are changes in disposition and sentiments. These can go from feeling euphoric and incredibly glad to feeling exceptionally exhausted and unresponsive. A gentle, dull cerebral pain might continue.

The length and force of these stages may vary in various degrees in various individuals.

Individuals depict headache torment as:

  • throbbing
  • pulsating
  • puncturing
  • beating
  • crippling

It can likewise feel like a highly dull, consistent throb. The aggravation might begin as gentle, yet without treatment, it will become moderate to severe.

Migraine most usually influences the brow region. It's generally on one side of the head, yet it can happen on the two sides or shift.

Specialists don't know what causes migraines. Headache migraines might be caused partially by changes in the level of a body substance called serotonin. Serotonin assumes numerous parts in the body, and it can affect the veins. At the point when serotonin levels are high, veins contract (recoil). At the point when serotonin levels fall, the veins expand (swell). This growth can cause torment or different issues. Another viewpoint is that cerebral headache pains oblige a spreading example of electrical movement in mind.

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