What Happens If You Miss Flight United?

Author : Airways Manage Booking | Published On : 28 Feb 2024

If your flight is delayed, canceled, or missed while you're getting ready to board a United Airlines flight, there's no need to worry. Under United Airlines missing flight policy, passengers are guaranteed to get all the assistance they need to continue their journey in such circumstances. Consider the following details to understand the facilities offered by United Airlines.

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy

  • If a passenger is unable to make their planned trip, United Airlines offers them other flight options.
  • To board their replacement aircraft promptly, passengers must arrive at the airport two hours after the scheduled departure of the missed flight.
  • If you think you may miss your flight, notify United Airlines in advance and provide a reasonable reason for missing your flight.
  • Passengers will be accommodated on the primary flight the following day if the missed flight is the final one scheduled for the day.
  • According to United Airlines missed flight policy, travellers are entitled to a refund if the United Airlines is at fault for the missed trip.
  • In addition, United Airlines compensates passengers for flight delays longer than three hours with a rebate.
  • For assistance, travellers who made their reservation through a third-party agency must get in touch with United Airlines directly.
  • When unavoidable events like strikes or natural catastrophes occur, United Airlines will give impacted passengers financial support.

Travelers are advised to get in touch with United Airlines customer support if they expect to miss their flights. United Airlines representatives will help set up a different flight to the same location.

How to Rebook My Missed United Flight?

You can use the United Airlines official website to reschedule your ticket if you are unable to speak with United Airlines customer service over the phone. Take these actions:

  • Click the search button and insert the passenger's name and the PNR number from your prior ticket.
  • Choose your current reservation and press the reschedule button.
  • After updating the destination, time, and date, pick the search tab.
  • After deciding on your ticket from the list, if applicable.
  • An email confirming the new date of your flight ticket will be sent to you.

If rebooking online is now not possible, travelers can use the following offline options:

Airport Ticket Counter: To rebook your flight, go to the United Airlines airport ticket counter with the required paperwork.

Customer Service Number: To talk with United Airlines customer care executives. who will assist with the missed flight, call the United Airlines helpline number. 

United Airlines Missed Flight Fee

If you are unable to make the flight, United Airlines charges a no-show cost that is equal to the value of the ticket. Maybe you need to be questioning how much United Airlines expenses to regulate flight booking. But if you have an appropriate reason, the airline will provide you with a refund or assist you in discovering any other ticket at no charge.


While Missed Flight United Airlines can be a demanding experience, understanding the United Ailrines missed flight policy and taking on the spot motion can assist you in navigating the scenario more effectively. 

Remember to continue to be informed, arrive early, and reflect on the consideration of your insurance to mitigate the effect of sudden delays or overlooked connections.