What Does an Apartment Manager Do?

Author : Daniel Stewart | Published On : 30 Aug 2021

Apartment managers work for landlords and building owners and have a variety of duties that keep a property maintained and running efficiently. Ideally, an apartment manager should reduce costs and increase profits, but there are many different tasks and responsibilities that go into that. Click here for more information on apartment management.

Here are some of the primary duties they are expected to complete.

General maintenance

A manager must make sure that all tenant units meet local and state code regulations and meet the standards of landlord-tenant laws and leases. Additionally, they may also need to hire people to take care of maintenance issues that come up. Or in some cases, a manager may take care of maintenance issues themselves. They also take care of things like utility setup, parking permits, trash pickup and the general upkeep of the apartment’s amenities.

Managing tenants

An apartment manager also coordinates resident move-ins and departures. They must also advertise their property to consistently bring in new tenants, provide interested parties with tours of the property and complete background checks to ensure that they will be responsible renters. Addressing current occupant complaints and requests is another important part of the job. For example, if a resident regularly causes problems or is the subject of frequent noise complaints from neighbors, the property manager is likely the one who will take the lead and initiate conversations to properly deal with the issue.

Budgeting and finances

A manager must also make sure that the property expenses stay within the budget the landlord or owner has set. They may also play a role in completing daily accounting tasks and take care of any property payments such as utilities or the mortgage and payments made to employees and contractors.

Collecting rent

Of course, the property manager is responsible for collecting rent from residents. This also means that when it’s necessary, they may need to take the required legal steps to collect payment when a tenant refuses to pay.

As you can see, an apartment manager typically has a big job with many different roles to fill and tasks to complete. But everything they do is essential to keep a property functioning well. A good property manager will ensure that the landlord or owner has good returns on their real estate investment.

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