What does a Legal Videographer do?

Author : dynamiclegal solvers | Published On : 28 Sep 2021

The technological evolution has made the civil defendants more efficient, and those professionals who are associated with legal jobs can employ the advanced technology more efficiently. The court videographer, also widely known as forensic videographers, is responsible for capturing the real-time incident using video equipment while the trial is going on. You may find a videographer job role similar to a court reporter; however, both are different and work independently.

What is the job role of a forensic videographer?

A forensic videographer is a professional who captures the trial using video recording equipment. Official video of the proceeding has a great impact on the overall judgment because along with each and every word, the facial expression of the gesture is also captured. Thus, it helps in creating a way more visibility for the attorneys, judges & litigants.

The job role of a professional Legal Videographer isn’t limited to this; it covers a broad area like editing and lots of other things. A videographer is responsible for the editing using a voice-over so that the witness can be identified. Additionally, he/ she also explains the examination that is being watched.  

Shorthand Reporter:

The shorthand reporter or stenographer is responsible for documenting the verbatim during the proceeding. A court reporter or Certified Shorthand Reporter is someone who records all the spoken words of each and every present in the trial. The professionals use a unique keyboard that permits them to type a coded language that is designated for first writing. The further translation can be done using technology; however, the court reporter’s duty is to edit the entire document and ensure that there is no mistake, not even a minor one.

Should you take professional help in legal videography and stenography?

Obtaining services from the outsourcing company may help in many aspects; if you check the reputed organization specializing in handling legal matters, you can find the legal videography service that includes production of in-house video, video editing and duplication, video conversion, and clip creation, video transcription and more. Plus, those companies comprise an expert team and skilled Legal Videographer who will give you error-free video transcription to use in a proceeding.

 Again, videography needs complex gadgets so, the professional should also need to be well versed in handling complex technology. In this case, a professional organization can help by providing tech-savvy experts who can handle the technical glitches. Coming to the stenography, it also needs expert hands. Here the individual needs to type as fast as possible with accurate coding language to capture every verbatim in the trail room. Here, also the reputed organization can help you out with appropriate service.