Author : Joe Hope | Published On : 19 Mar 2021

Cabin crew is the backbone of the airlines. Behavior of cabin crew on board of airplanes reflects in the feedback given to airlines. Cabin crew is also helpful in carrying day to day errands in the aircrafts on regular basis.  The role of cabin crew is physically and mentally demanding job as flights timing can be changed due to bad weather or flights can undergo emergency landing. Furthermore, many flights have duration of more than 24 hours, so high physical strength is also a key factor considered at the time of interview of cabin crew members. Cabin crew candidates should complete Cabin Crew Course of safety protocols at the time of interview as emergency cases are unpredictable. Fusion Technology Solutions is offering

Work of cabin crew:

  • Checking condition of fire safety equipment and emergency provisions. Also, giving safety information to passengers for emergency cases.
  • Supplying passengers with magazines, beverages, newspapers and other needful errands.
  • Serving refreshments to passengers whenever needed.
  • Demonstrating safety procedures.
  • Ensuring that passengers follow safety rules and regulations mapped by the airlines and also be punctual and courteous at all the times.  
  • Cabin crew makes announcements on behalf of the pilot and answers for all the queries by the passengers.
  • The main task of the cabin crew is to welcome the passengers on behalf of airlines when boarding on the plane and greet passengers at the time of arrival of airplane on the airport.
  • Checking all the security measures and also checking seat belts and emergency oxygen systems prior take off of airplane to ensure safe and secure travel of passengers.
  • Dealing with anti-social passengers in the flight in very polite but firm manner as cabin crew has to deal with everyone’s safe and sound journey.
  • Checking the hand luggage of all the passengers and ensure that it is placed in a perfect way.
  • Carry out pre- flight duties such as security checks prior flight time and ensuring all the meal and beverages are on board.
  • Directing passengers to their respective seats as major population of passengers are relatively new or boarding their first flight and as a cabin crew I is your duty to enlighten the passengers with all the information they need in order to ensure relaxing journey for them.
  • Joining a pre- flight briefing during which cabin crew is assigned with their respective task and informed with flight details as well as schedule and no. of passengers in the plane. Also, crew is informed about any special guest boarding on the plane or any passenger with special request such as passengers with wheelchairs or any specially abled passenger boarding on the plane.
  •  Administering first aid wherever necessary o the passengers if any emergency occurs.
  • Writing flight reports for airlines and air traffic control units for further ease in flight departures. Generally, a senior crew member of the cabin crew writes report.
  • Mark if there is any suspicious activities or material found on the airplane and report it directly to the pilot and take necessary measures in order to attain safety of passengers.

Excellent customer service given to the customers is the key focus point for almost all the airlines and for that reason crew members with positive attitude is always preferred by airline recruiters in order to liven up the mood of passengers. Also, selling gifts and duty free items in the plane are also part of duty operated by cabin crew. Fusion Technology Solutions is providing all the necessary training under the cabin crew certification course which gives the entire practical and on hand training on dummy projects and also assists you with your interview preparation skills during the final stages of the training.

The key skills needed for cabin crew training are as follows:

  • Interpersonal Skills: cabin crew members meet various people every day in various flights. Every person have its own personality and character and cabin crew member should cope up with the personality of every passenger showing that every passenger is important to them. This helps in building good relationship between customers and airline which is very essential in the competition.
  • Teamwork skills: Cabin crew members should work like a team in order to make sure all the tasks are going on efficient pace and in orderly manner. In emergency case scenarios, teamwork is very important between cabin crew members in order to handle situation in the manner it should be handled.
  • Well Groomed: Cabin crew members should be well groomed. Looks always plays an important role in the when it comes to the airline standards. Crew members should look presentable in every way. The way staff of airline looks always changes the mindset of passengers.
  • Leadership Skills: In case of emergencies or unexpected scenarios, crew members should take initiatives and handle the situation. We cannot predict what should happen in the sky, hence leadership skills plays an important role when it comes to such scenarios.
  • Professionalism: cabin crew members should be strictly professional because you are in charge of the passengers in the plane and taking care of them is your prime responsibility as a member of the crew.
  • Flexible: Cabin crew members should be responsible to take care of all the passengers in every way possible. Adaption to various situations is most important when you are flying to different countries on day to day basis. Every situation is unique and crew members have to adapt to them.
  • Caring: All the cabin crew members should be caring and responsive to the passengers who are old or differently abled. Also, you have to fulfill certain demands of these kind of passengers to make sure every passenger will get attention and no one should feel less attentive or being ignored by crew members.
  • Good Health:  Cabin crew member is very challenging job and demands physical strength. Some flights will fly for 20-30 hours nonstop, hence all the crew members should possess very good health. This is becoming a criteria for selection for cabin crew members nowadays in the airlines selection processes.

Fusion technology solutions is also providing soft skills sessions for the above mentioned skill set and provides certification under cabin crew training program.


Cabin crew is physically and mentally demanding job and you need to possess certain key skills in order to climb at top positions in airline ecosystem. Cabin crew is also amongst some of the highly paying jobs and perks given to cabin crew are relatively high compared to other jobs making it the best career opportunity for the aspirants.