What Do You Know About Kinderfeets Balance Board

Author : raz smiths | Published On : 06 Jan 2022

Made in Canada, this famous wooden balance board is suitable for kids and the young alike.

It looks like a curved wooden plank, with the Kinderfeets logo inscribed inside. It is made of several layers of the best European beech wood (FSC), which are stacked, pressed and bent under high pressure. The wood used comes from eco-managed forests.

Its trendy and sleek design and the quality of the materials used to make this object a unique product that will blend perfectly into your interior and justify its price, which may seem a bit high.


At little cecile, we only offer boards with transparent and ecological varnish. It is good protection for the board which will give it the best longevity. But it also exists in a raw finish, bleached varnish or bamboo.

Coatings and colors

The Kinderfeets has two faces: a smooth inner (hollow) surface and an outer (curved) surface suitable for coating.

With or without coating?

The coating on the balance board kinderfeets has three main advantages. It will reduce noise, which is not insignificant on a floor such as tiling or in an apartment for example. The coating will also limit scratches on the floor and on the board itself. Finally, it will make the non-slip surface, useful when the child rides on it in socks.

There are 3 types of coating:

- With natural wool felt: “the original”. It has the advantage of being natural but fears humidity. Dry cleaning or vacuuming is recommended. It will tend to fade over time, but it's the board with the prettiest finish. Many colors of felt are available.

- Cork: it does not catch grass or grains of sand and can therefore be suitable for outdoor use. Be careful, however, to bring it into the house after playing. It does not fear humidity but is not recommended for children under 3 years old who could scratch the cork surface and loosen the particles.

The uncoated rocker balance board is the cheapest and can be used on carpet/rugs or outdoors as it will also not catch grass or grains of sand. However, for indoor use over tile or parquet, it is recommended that you use a coated plank, or at least, place a mat just below your uncoated plank. Indeed, this board remains the easiest to maintain, but it is also the one that will have the most tendency to have signs of wear depending on the surface on which you will be using it.

What “contributions” for my child?

You will understand, the advantages of this balance board are numerous. It not only stimulates your child's motor skills, creativity and imagination but also has a multitude of functions suitable for the whole family, whether for playing, relaxing, or training.

It is a play of awakening with a good quality/price ratio that will occupy your child for hours and which will have an excellent lifespan thanks to the quality of its materials.