What can our SEO services Waterloo do for you ?

Author : Anna Nelson | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

Here’s some information on our SEO services Waterloo-


Keyphrase Research and Identification


Before taking any action regarding SEO services Waterloo to improve your website’s ranking, our expert researches and identifies the right keywords or keyphrases for your business. We do this through discussions with you to learn about the words and phrases that you associate with your products or services. We do conduct research online to see who is already ranking for these keyphrases, and what the competition looks like.


Our Seo experts Waterloo research the best keywords for you and your competition

Once we’ve finished our research, we’ll have the strategy to improve your ranking on these selected keyphrases. If the competition is very low rank we can help you rank with just some simple optimization and content creation. Some other keywords may have a lot of competition, and targeted more aggressively with link building and other actions.


We get a good look at your preferred keywords, and your ranking goals, before we take any Our G9 media company offers website optimization and can do a variety of things. We can help you get ranked on search engines and  improve your rankings. We optimize your website to perform better, assist you with creating content, and much more. 

action on your website. Strategy is a crucial part of our SEO services Waterloo, and one that we take very seriously.


SEO services Waterloo does Initial website optimization

If you have never had SEO services performed on your website before, some initial optimization will be performed by our Seo experts. SEO services Waterloo will involve getting those keywords and phrases we identified in our research and use them in ways that search engines will pick up on.


There’s also some content added that appears on the first page of your website, as well as other pages. We insert the keywords and phrases you want to rank for. It gets challenging to write natural text with these keywords, we’ll find a way to do it. We strike a balance between a well optimized website and one that users enjoy reading and using.


SEO services Waterloo - Submission to search engines

One important step for brand new websites is the submission to search engines.

Submit your website to search engines so that it gets indexed more quickly

Once we’re satisfied with the quality of your website, and the way that we’ve populated keywords on it, we’ll submit your site to all the major search engines. And it will soon start to appear in search results.


After submission, we’ll work on link building and content creation.


SEO services Waterloo - Improving the user experience

The experience that your users have when they visit your website, also called UX, is very important to your rankings. If someone visits your store and thinks it’s unattractive or difficult to browse, they’re likely to leave right away. Although a few bounces like this are okay but a lot of them may signify that you shouldn’t be ranking as highly for that referring keyword or phrase – 


We’ll work with you to improve the user experience on your website to avoid high bounce rates that impact your ranking. We’ll evaluate your traffic, bounce rates,make suggestions or implement techniques to improve your user experience.


SEO services Waterloo- Quality link building

In the example we gave at the start of this lesson, we talked about Google learning to rank websites based on the opinions of others, much like your trust in a business or partner being established through the opinions of others. One way that websites can tell search engines that they are trusted and should be ranked higher is through links.


Link building has become too important for SEO. More competitive a keyword or area of business is, the more links a website has to rank for it. New businesses need help to build up those valuable links.


SEO services Waterloo- Content creation

Website content serves several purposes. Great content is also likely to be shared, which can help with link building. Content is what search engines need for SEO purposes,to determine how relevant your website is to a specific keyword or keyphrase.


Your website content, especially the copy on the homepage or crucial landing pages, needs to contain the right words and phrases to help improve your ranking. It can be hard to write content that serves customers and search engines at same time. We make it possible by creating unique keyword-rich content for your website.

Also focussing on ongoing optimization and content creation. This will help your website stay fresh, and give users a reason to keep coming back to see what you’re publishing now. We can even write blog for your company that can help with Seo and ranking 


SEO services Waterloo- Ongoing optimization and updates

G9 Media can help you stay current by providing SEO services including ongoing optimization and updates to help you keep your content fresh, and website ranking as high.  We follow search engine algorithm updates. If we think one of these updates will impact your website, we’ll make the necessary changes quickly. This ensures that you stay current – and that your rankings stay intact.


SEO services Waterloo- Time To Level Up Your Sales

Our long list of services help you make a mark in your industry and increase metrics that matter most - like sales.


Unlike most internet marketing companies, we make our SEO service prices easily accessible. To learn more about our SEO packages, contact G9 Media today