What Bird Food to Buy for Your Companion

Author : Ana Brenda | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Pets depend on their owners to provide them the best care and nutrition. Once you welcome an animal in your home, you need to do the research and find out what they eat, how to entertain them, what supplements are recommended, what housing to provide, and more. Especially when it comes to birds, they need special care, starting with the right cage and up to fun and interactive toys. Besides bird seed, they require additional elements in their diet. Bird food needs to be diverse, nutritious, fresh, and healthy.

Why Bird Food Matters

It is crucial to choose the right type of bird food. Every species has nutritional requirements, and if you begin to think about it, they eat different things in the wild. Some prefer insects, while others fruits, seeds, leaves, and such. Feeding your pet, the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is essential for their development. You want to know for sure they are healthy and happy, full of energy, and they develop nicely throughout the years. If they lack something in their diets, soon they develop health issues.

You can always consult the vet to find recommendations and research to know what foods are mostly recommended. For instance, if you have a parrot at home, you should consider pellets. Brands develop recipes after doing years of research, and they come up with amazing formulas that offer the ideal balanced meals. Every bite is a nutritional punch, and you have peace of mind that your companion enjoys their meals, is active, and happy. There are many brands available, but read the labels and make sure they don’t put synthetic preservatives, additives, or dye, in the ingredients.

What Bird Food Is Best

Although it seems convenient sometimes to purchase bird food in big boxes, so you can have it around for a long time, it is not always recommended. Once you open the bag, the food loses its freshness gradually, and you might find certain ingredients that you don’t want your bird to eat. If possible, invest in organic diets, because these brands are more attentive to what they put in every bag. Considering that about 50-60% of your pet’s diet should consist of pellets, it is best to invest in high-quality ones.

Aside from these, you need to diversify every meal, and you can include so many amazing options, even what you have inside the house. Fresh fruits and sprout mixes are suitable in proportion of 10-20%, but you need to find out what fruits are best, because some kinds can be dangerous for the type of bird you have. Veggies and leafy greens should also be included, and your pet will love to bit into them, and strengthen their beaks. Many believe that fresh seeds are very nutritious and they can provide them all day. It is not the case, because they should consist only about 5-10% of their diet.

When you put fresh fruits and vegetables in their bowls, do remove them after a couple of hours, if they are not consumed, because they might not be safe anymore. Under no circumstances you should offer chocolate, alcohol, avocados, shellfish, or uncooked beans to your pet. Safe fruit options include mango, papaya, berries, apples, grapes, bananas, melons without the rind, pomegranates. As for vegetables, offer sweet potatoes, carrots with the tops as well, squash peppers, green beans, corn, pumpkin, and leafy greens. These are safe bird food.

If you want a companion while you eat dinner, you can prepare a plate for your pet as well. Some healthy table foods are recommended, and it is beneficial for them in terms of nutrition and emotions. Flock animals eat together, and if you want to replace that moment, eat together. You can offer a teaspoon of what you are eating, but don’t include sauces and gravy that have high salt levels, junk food, or under-cooked meats.

What Bird Seed to Choose

Bird seed can be provided as treats or while you try to train your pet. Some pet owners struggle with seed-junkies, and they have to make sure they change their diets, otherwise they will have issues. many parrots die because of malnutrition, since seeds are packed with fat, but they don’t have too much nutritional value. They are low in vitamin A and calcium. Proper nutrition has a direct effect on their body and mind, it affects their feathers and emotional health. If you take the time to learn what suits their needs the most, you will both be happy and satisfied.

Once birds are accustomed with bird seed , it is hard to change their diets. However, it is not impossible, although you need to work harder and have some patience. Instead of removing their seeds all at once, substitute it gradually with pellets. Once you reach the desired level, remove them almost completely. You can find some healthy mixes at pet shops, so you can still allow your companion to enjoy the taste.

Safe bird seed include sunflower, black oil sunflower seed, milo, thistle, peanuts, shelled corn. You can find these individually wrapped at a pet shop or purchase a mix of them. You can always discuss with a vet before shopping, to make sure you are offering the right kind to your companion. Small and large birds have different needs, and it is understandable not to offer the same kinds of food.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a wide variety of foods and bird seed every time, and fill up the cabinets in your home. You can go to a pet shop and see what they have to offer. Many brands have amazing products for birds, and you can shop when you are about to run out of products. Besides basic foods, you can always treat your feathered friend with something special, when you spend time together, play, and when you want to reward their positive behavior. Speaking of play, don’t forget about toys and even putting foods inside foraging toys, to keep their minds busy.