What are the Prospects of Studying and Working in New Zealand as a PR?

Author : Yogesh Shukla | Published On : 08 Jul 2021

Studying abroad can be a mighty decision for a student to make. Now-a-days, studying in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany is also a status symbol for academic runners owing to the fact that these lands provide top notch and world class facilities in the educational universities and institutions.

New Zealand PR, the most sought New Zealand visa category provides one added benefit of permitting a holder to study in the land of kiwis simultaneously while staying in the country indefinitely. Due to many uncertainties in the stay in a foreign country, the students are always in dilemma whether to apply for the New Zealand PR or apply austerely for the New Zealand student visa to decide later whether to apply for the New Zealand PR or not.

Let’s compare the perks of both the visa categories to resolve and see which visa category wins the battle.

Comparing the benefits and the perks which are attached to the New Zealand student visa and the New Zealand PR

  • After grabbing tightly onto the New Zealand PR visa, the holder is entitled to study, work and live in the land for an indefinite time.
  • You can avail subsidized social security benefits and medical benefits
  • You children can avail free high quality education at the state-run schools and universities.
  • Any children born in New Zealand after you receiving the PR status autonomously attain the citizenship for New Zealand.
  • The holder of the NZ PR visa can eventually apply for the citizenship for New Zealand.

With the New Zealand student visa, you can study and work but definitely not for an indefinite time. Also the work hours with the student visa are limited up to 20 hours per week and the study course is paid and non-subsidized with the same. The length of the stay with the New Zealand visa is only of 4 years or until the duration of the course gets over. The appalling news about the New Zealand student visa is that the holder is enforced to leave the land of Kiwis right at the moment when their course program gets finished.

So, both the visa categories for the New Zealand immigration, are potent and competent to deliver the best perks and quirks they can. The decision is yours to make!

All you are required to put your hands on is the New Zealand PR Points Calculator if your heart is beating more for the New Zealand PR because more perquisites mean better life.

The New Zealand PR points calculator predicts your NZ PR eligibility with high level of precision to ascertain your chances to move to the land of the long white clouds.

The Last lines

No doubt the New Zealand Student visa is packed with much of a bounty assisting the holder to acquire top quality education from New Zealand during their paid stay in the country but no visa can beat the odds connected to the New Zealand PR visa. So, take the decision wisely!

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