What are the Differences between Android TV and Smart TV?

Author : Ayesha Verma | Published On : 20 Sep 2021

Television is one of the main aspects of entertainment and joy. It offers you the best experience in having all the fun. There are various ways by which you can enjoy a wide range and network of unlimited applications and games to ensure perfect enjoyment. A smart and Android television is one of the most important ways to enjoy a wide range of features and specifications that makes your entertainment double and wide. However, both smart and Android televisions are beneficial for having a wide range of features and entertainment. Before you do an investment, you need to decide after a comparison of both technologies. Make sure you consider a good comparison of both smart and Android LED TVs so that you can enjoy the best.

Wide range of applications and programs

Even though Android TV and a smart TV support various famous applications, they differ and vary hugely in number. In Android television there is an Android App store that involves more than 7000 applications, it gives Android TV an outright benefit in enjoying all the unlimited applications and games that are online available in the Android app store. The extensive application play store in android permits Android TV users to download and utilize a huge number of applications and games like on mobile phones. For instance, everything from YouTube to Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video can be utilized on LG Android TV. In any case, for shrewd TVs running other working frameworks, like Tizen OS or WebOS, the upheld applications will be restricted. No more applications are accessible for you to discover notwithstanding some famous diversion applications like YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. On the other hand, in smart television, you will not get an Android play store, you will be able to use all the applications that are available online.

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Automatic updates

As the development of Android TV is extremely dynamic and the designers consistently push new updates to different applications, Android TV is better than a smart TV as far as refreshing applications and streaming media assets. Moreover, associated with WiFi, Android TV offers the programmed update of utilizations, while it is hard for brilliant TVs to get refreshes in such a manner. If you need automatic updates and dynamic updates, you can easily go for an android television. It will help you in various ways to enjoy a perfect fit round of entertainment.

Voice assistance

The benefit of the built-in Google assistance makes Android TV so exceptional in the capacity that users of Android TV can switch channels and search programs effectively through voice control with no additional gadget required. Conversely, the users of smart TVs need to enter content with a regular console since a smart TV doesn’t uphold voice control. If you need voice assistance then an android television is the best one to go for. It will help you with all the smart features and voice assistance helps you to download, play and use your television without any second thought.

Finishing up

Android LED TV is an amazing one. If you go for a low smart LED TV price, you will benefit from it. This will help you with an amazing range of experience in viewing and discover the right way to deal with all your viewing quality and experience.