What are the causes of Hematuria

Author : rebecca craig | Published On : 05 May 2021

Rather than ignoring hematuria and worsen your condition, you should consult your Florida Urology Associates as soon as possible. Hematuria is just a symptom, so treatment will focus on the condition causing it. Blood in your urine can come from your kidneys, which make urine or from other parts of your urinary tract. Sometimes, there are chances that you can't see the blood in the urine. Only a lab test can find the red blood cells. You may not have any other symptoms, but some of the possible causes can have other signs. Let's discuss the causes of hematuria in this article.

1: Urinary Tract infections – There is a higher risk of developing urinary tract infection in females due to the location of their urethras. UTIs occur when bacteria from the bowel enter the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body. It can travel up the urethra and infect the urethras, kidneys or bladder. In UTI people have a frequent and urgent need to urinate. 

2: Enlarged prostate – The prostate gland is below the bladder and surrounding the top part of the urethra, often enlarges as men approach middle age. During the enlarged prostate, you might have difficulty in urinating, an urgent or persistent need to urinate, and either visible or microscopic blood in the urine.  Infection of the prostate can pause the same signs and symptoms.

3: Kidney stone – One other reason for blood in the urine is the presence of stones in the bladder or kidney. These are a crystal that forms from the minerals in urine and develops inside the kidneys of the bladder. Large stones can cause a blockage that often results in hematuria and significant pain. Kidney stones can cause severe belly or pelvic pain, painful urination, cloudy or foul-smelling urine. 

4: Kidney disease – Kidney disease is one of the less common reasons for seeing blood in the urine. A disease or inflamed kidney can cause hematuria. This disease can occur on its own or as a part of another disease such as diabetes. During kidney diseases, symptoms that may occur are weakness, high blood pressure, and body swelling including puffiness around your eyes. It is important to take Treatment for Hematuria in Females as quickly as possible.

It is important for treating blood in the urine to have an accurate diagnosis of their underlying causes.