What Are the Best Summer Flowering Plants for Indian Gardens?

Author : gromorfood nursery | Published On : 09 Apr 2021

The flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature, and flowering plants will adorn your garden with colorful and attractive flowers. India is a house for many plants and the climatic conditions are most suitable for many plants and trees. There are many types of plants we have, like, some are seasonal plants and some plants can grow through the year. 

If you are a person who loves plants and want to grow different plants, then you can try seasonal flowering plants. There are many seasonal flowering plants and there are also some plants which will grow and blossom beautiful and attractive flowers. 

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So, let’s see some of the best plants for your home garden in the summer season. 


Hibiscus is one of the popular garden plants in India, and its large flowers with attractive color will make the garden more beautiful. It is one of the ancient plants and it has many medicinal values. Hibiscus oil is also used in many therapies and cosmetics. Hibiscus plants require more water to grow in the hot climatic conditions. 

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Rose or Gulab

Rose is also called as Gulab in India, and it is one of the most loved flowers. It is popular for its magical red color and its enchanting fragrances. Rose plants have many varieties, like some roses are red in color, some are white and some are yellow in color. Rose plant is an easy care plant and it will grow in health with attractive flowers if sufficient water is provided. 

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Marigold is one of the popular garden plants in India and it is also called as Genda Phool in Indian Native language. It is most often used in religious rituals to adore the god. Marigold is in deep yellow color and it can thrive easily in sunlight easily. Usually this plant needs more water to grow healthy with bright and attractive flowers. It is a popular garden plant so you can buy this plant easily from online plant nursery Hyderabad

These are the top three summer plants for your home garden. 

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