West Vancouver houses for sale

Author : HANI FARAJ | Published On : 11 May 2022

West Vancouver houses for sale

City Guide with Key facts

Located in British Columbia, the city of West Vancouver has a population of 42,694. The 1.3% population development for this city is less than ideal when compared to other Canadian urban areas. There are 38.84% outsiders in West Vancouver, 6.79% of whom are late settlers in Canada. Aside from English, the best-known language spoken is Persian (Farsi), with 8% of occupants announcing it as their native language. The largest local social area within West Vancouver is English at 33%, followed by Scottish at 21% and Irish at 17%. West Vancouver offers great job potential with an unemployment rate close to 7%, which is normal when compared to different urban communities. About 71% of the occupants have a university degree. Occupants can expect unusual personal satisfaction in West Vancouver, given a better-than-expected household salary of $84,345. A large number of West Vancouver houses for sale are available.

People & Lifestyle 

As a primary neighborhood, West Vancouver houses are quiet and private. The sublime British estates are disconnected to the point where you feel that you are distant from everyone else and at the same time close to the point of getting closer to the existence you need. At the far end, Ambleside will give you extravagance close to the place of business. Most West Vancouver squatters have resigned or work from home, however, many also participate in the short trip to downtown Vancouver. With countless amazing schools and local events, this area is ideal for families who want a slower life without missing out on the rest of the city.

Entertainment AND Tourism 

To find West Vancouver houses for sale with eating at its ideal, join a scaffold and straight perspective at Ancora (Peruvian/Japanese) or Beach House (seafood). In fact, even without the ocean view, there are numerous excellent cafes here, including Terroir Kitchen (Tapas), Feast (Brunch) and Mangia E Bevi Ristorante (Italian). 

Whether you need to take a seat in the recreation area with a decent book, you will be happy to realize that your area is close to numerous bright sporting open doors. 

See Parks and Recreation offices

Altamont Park, Gisby St – 0.43KM away

2 tennis courts

Chairlift (Chelsea Close) Park – 0.49 KM away

Chelsea Close, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

1 Playground, 1 Tennis Court, 1 Basketball Court and 1 Picnic

Benbow Park/West Bay School Grounds – 0.59 KM away

Thompson Pl, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

2 Playgrounds, 1 Sports Field, 3 Tennis Courts, 2 Basketball Courts and 1 Trail

Altamont Beach Park – 1.1KM away

Park Ln, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

1 Trail and 1 Beach

Education – 

For those interested in buying Canadian land to raise a family, take heart: West Vancouver is home to rudimentary schools and first-rate aides. Here are the closest Public & Private Schools overview.

Public School (NEAR BY)

Rockridge Secondary School -  4.17 KM Away

Rockridge Secondary School selects students in grades 8 through 12. The surrogate population is about 900 alternates. In addition, the Learning Support Program is accessible to all students for classroom support, focus on skills, training and study support blocks where needed. 

L'école Jules Quesnel – 9.93 KM Away

L'école Jules Quesnel, a solitary lane French immersion school is situated on unceded Indigenous lands in West Point Gray close to the University of British Columbia, Pacific Spirit Park, the sea and shores. The structure, built in the 1920s, served as both an elementary school and a ward of Lord Byng Secondary, before becoming home to our local area in 1978.

Private Schools (NEAR BY)

Mulgrave School 

It is Just 0.28 KM Away & Its take about 4-minute walk.

Collingwood School

It is Just 5.69 KM Away

Safety –

Consistently matters in a crisis, and your area is important for a committed wellbeing arrangement of crisis organizations including Fire Stations, Police Stations, and Hospitals. 

See the nearest offices close to you beneath:

The nearest Hospital which name St Paul’s is 8.98 KM away, Address 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6, Canada. The contact or Telephone Number is 604-682-2344.

The nearest fire station is West Vancouver Fire Station No. 1. Address 760 XVI St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3S1, Canada

The nearest police office is the West Vancouver Police Department Address 755 XVI St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 0B8. It is 3.23 km away


Being around things you want consistently makes life so much simpler. See strategically positioned retailers near you below:

Market Place IGA – 1.7 KM away

Address 2491 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1L3

Chevron- 1.6 KM away

Address 3690 Westmount Rd, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3G9

Starbucks – 1.9KM away

Address 2416 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1L1

Hsp Inovações Ltda – 1.8KM away

Address 2473 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 1L3

Scene Health and Fitness Club

Local Economy – 

This renowned local area is popular for its lush regions and stunning views across the straits. Its area allows West Vancouver to be a quiet source of the neighborhood's desert. In 1912, West Vancouver was established when a metropolitan political race concluded that it would isolate itself from North Vancouver.

West Vancouver developed quickly. Many areas of West Vancouver are filled with West Coast engineering, waterfront homes, and private legacies, making Vancouver houses ideal for families of all ages. 

What are nearby cities to West Vancouver, BC? 

Urban communities closest to West Vancouver, BC incorporate Vancouver, North Vancouver, Lions Bay and Richmond. Of the urban communities near West Vancouver, Vancouver has the most notable regular home and North Vancouver has the most reasonable regular West Vancouver houses for sale.

How do I search for homes for sale in West Vancouver, BC?

With us, you can sort homes available for purchase in West Vancouver, BC based on various standards, e.g. value, property type, area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, or year it was manufactured. You can also narrow down your query using explicit watchwords as well as channel properties in light of late value drops. So, at that point, save your query and receive every day or week by week messages with posts that match your inclinations.

Is West Vancouver a good place to live? 

All things considered, it is a city first and foremost. The cost is similar to all of BC territory. When compared to its closest eastern neighbors, Alberta and Saskatchewan, the average cost of basic items can be devastating, depending on your pay check. It is a delightful region, beautiful to live in, with lots to do, both inside and out.