Wenus uses as a slang word ? Goid Definition

Author : Hayley Snook | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

Do you have an idea wenus stands for what? Do you know where and when this word uses? If not, then here I will tell you through this article. I’ll explain all the definitions and different meanings of this word in detail.

Alternative words for Wenus

Many alternative words of wenus are uses, such as wenis, wagina, weenis.

What does wenus mean?

The meaning of the word wenus is your elbow. It also uses to describe the skin present on the outer side of the elbow. The word wenus refers to particular area of the elbow called olecranal skin. The other meaning of this word is men’s genitals. People use this word primarily according to their ease. 

Various sub-genres of wenus

There are various sub-genres of this word uses for different purposes, such as:

Soggy wenus- this word is rarely used in tropical areas with high rain fall. Wenus is usually used in those areas where people reside in tribes.

Coarse wenus- this sub-genre relates to uncivilized and inhuman behaviour. This genre seems to be unenjoyable. It also refers to ointment in the case of said treatment.

Other common definitions of wenus

There are also some other definitions of this word. This word is commonly uses as a slang in various countries. It is uses to freak someone out because it sounds immoral and wrong. It also uses to creep people by making them realize you are talking about something else when you use the word wenus. Another definition of this word is sexual pleasure.  

Origin of wenus

We are unaware of the exact origin of wenus, but it is likely to originate as a slang word by adults by the 1900s. The above described alternative terms have been using on internet by the start of 2000s. The area of the elbow refers to wenus is also known as cubital or antecubital fossa. This slang word is also uses in different comedy shows. 

Meaning of Goid

If you want to know about the exact meaning of the word goid, then there is no exact meaning of this word in any dictionary or language. So one cannot tell the meaning and definition of this word. But I will explain the background of this word in this article. 

Background of this word

It is a term uses by people for the sake of fun sentences. When somebody says a wrong phrase or word, knowing already that it is just for fun. This term is also uses as an alternative to amateur and a mongoloid. An amateur is a person who participates in an activity, sport, study or other fun play without considering financial benefits or professional tasks. Goid is also uses as a hip new word for good. People rarely also uses this word to refer to rascal kids as goid. 

Origin of Goid

This word is originated in the late twentieth century. People start using this word as an alternative of good just for the sake of fun or smart language.