Weighbridge Load Cell: Important Factors to Consider when Buying One

Author : Sensomatic Load Cell | Published On : 08 Sep 2021

Precision and accuracy are the two working principles of a weighbridge. Both are dependent on the quality of the weighbridge load cell or force transducer that is central to the application. Hence, when buying load cells, one has to consider multiple factors, essential to the seamless execution of the task at hand. But is quality the only thing that matters when sourcing transducers from load cell suppliers? Are there other factors that need considering? Let’s explore that through this blog.

Tips for Buying Weighbridge Load Cell
Given under are a few areas to consider when buying load cells for weighbridge applications:

Type of Weighbridge
Determining or rather keeping in mind the kind of weighbridge that you are buying the load cell for is important. You need to provide accurate estimates in terms of type, size, capacity and number of weighbridges within your facility. Accordingly, the supplier or manufacturer would be able to provide you with the right transducer.

Manufacturing Experience of the company
The quality of the product is directly associated with the company and its manufacturing abilities. So before making the purchase, ensure that the manufacturer and the supplier you are buying from is of good repute in the market. A leading company would offer you high-end and advanced products compared to one that has a questionable reputation in terms of credibility. They might offer you a double-ended load cell at an affordable price but quality matters more than that. So, do your research about the manufacturer and supplier before the purchase.

Precision of Calibration
It is essential and legally necessary for the weighbridge to be well-calibrated for accurate readings and measurements. The level of precision depends a lot on the performance of the transducer. So, when buying make the requisites clear to the manufacturers and suppliers so that they can get you the most appropriate load cell for the application.

Market Referrals
Load cells have applications beyond weighbridges. They are used in major industries like healthcare, energy, aviation, automotive, marine, mines, petrochemicals, textile, etc. So, when looking for a manufacturer or supplier, it makes sense to go for the one that has a good network across multiple industries. You can get referrals from peers in the industries or other sectors, specifically working with load cells. It gets you connected with reliable suppliers.

Following the tips mentioned above not only gives you enough idea about what to expect when buying the equipment but also ensures the best load cell for your weighbridge requirements.

The manufacturer and supplier from where you are sourcing the weighbridge load cell matters a lot. It should be a reputed company with a robust network across industries. Speaking of a company that possesses both, Sensomatic Load Cell being one of the top load cell manufacturers in India fulfils all the essential criteria, not to mention an extensive variety of load cells including, stainless steel load cells utilized for multiple industrial applications. You can browse their website for more information on their origins and offerings, or reach out to the support team for a consultation before purchase.

About the Company
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