Ways to reduce your child's screen time

Author : Uma Bharati | Published On : 10 Sep 2021

In recent times, one of the biggest problems for children is screen addiction. Although the term itself gives a hint of the meaning, many parents fail to understand what screen addiction is. It is a condition where children are too engrossed in screens all the time. Eventually, the kids reach a point where they lose themselves in the screens and feel like nothing else would be enough to keep them happy. This is undoubtedly a dangerous condition for a small child, as the psychological impact would affect them deeply.

In the past, the problem mostly involved the addiction of children towards televisions. However, the problem has intensified due to the easy availability of smartphones. When children stay addicted to smartphones, it hampers their relationship with their families. In a way, the kids start to enter a cocoon, and conflicts begin to arise.

Reducing the addiction: How to go about it?

Here are a few tips on how you can reduce your children’s addiction to screens:

· Outdoor games: Firstly, you would have to get your children interested in something enjoyable to make them give up some of their screen time. The best way to go about it is to have them involved in sports. If your child seems uninterested in sports, look for other outdoor activities that he/she might be interested in. Participating in sports would not only reduce their screen time but also help them develop various key skills.

· Teach them about balance: It wouldn’t work if you simply instructed your children to stay away from smartphones. It is natural for kids to try to work around restrictions and do exactly what you ask them not to. Instead, explain the importance of balance to them. Teach them about the values of physical activities and face-to-face conversations.

· Activity kits: Various activity kits can keep your children engaged. Through activity kits, you may expose your children to our culture and festivals. Storytelling is a great way to entertain children as well. Especially if your children are young, you might want to spend some time reading out stories to them. The questions that would arise in their minds would facilitate critical thinking and learning. It is also a great way to enjoy a fun family evening.

· Other hobbies: Children who have hobbies like drawing, painting, dancing, puzzles, etc. are less likely to stay addicted to screens all the time. You may incentivize them by rewarding them for performing well in their hobbies.

· Household activities: Spending some time of the day on household activities would help your children develop a better sense of discipline, cleanliness, time management, and self-sufficiency. Working on household chores with your children is also a great way to form good bonding with them.

· Break the routine: Generally, children seem to be particularly attracted to screens at a certain time of the day. Try to find when this ‘screen time’ is for your child and break the routine by getting them engaged in other activities at that time.

Your children would not lose the addiction overnight. However, their attraction towards screens would decrease over time, and eventually they would be free of the addiction.

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