Ways to Choose the Best Sliding Gate Motor in Which You Can Rely Upon

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 05 May 2021


A gate motor is an important component for your sliding gate and if you want to install the latter, you will need to choose the former, as well as the latter, which is operated by the former. Now, there are several brands in Australia that provide gate motors at the best prices but we will not be discussing them here. Rather, we will take a look at some of the things that you should keep in mind while selecting these motors for the sliding gates.

  • Choosing between AC and DC power

Mainly the electric power that is supplied to the gate is AC that is alternating current, and the amount of electricity with which the gate motors are powered is around 230V and that comes directly from the distribution board in your property.

On the other hand, some motors run on DC or direct current. Here, an amount of power is stored in the battery. But there are still providers who use sliding gates that comprise gate motors that run on DC.

Now coming to which one to choose, we will say that power delivery varies from place to place and you might not get a seamless flow of electricity at all parts. But if you want security round the clock even when you do not have a seamless power supply, you can go for the DC one since they store the power on the batteries and even when there is no electricity, they can perform optimally. 

But the AC motors are one step ahead when it comes to seamless operations because they do not rely on batteries like the DC ones and hence, you can expect them to work flawlessly when the power is on. So, choosing the right one actually depends on the flow of electricity.

  • Considering the weight of the gate

Before you choose a sliding gate motor in Australia, you need to consider the weight of the gate, and depending upon that you should choose the motor. 

Different motors are capable of handling sliding gates of varying weight and sizes and if your gate is strong, you should choose a motor that has the efficiency to smoothly slide the gate. But if you cannot determine the weight of the gate, you will need to consult a few professionals who can measure the weight and size of the gate and can also recommend you the best motor that can handle the work. 

  • Considering the pull force

When it comes to efficiency, you will need to consider the pull force that the gate motor has so that it can smoothly slide the gate. In fact, the higher the pull force, the better will your security gates work. Additionally, if the pull force is higher expect a longer life for the sliding gates.

  • The overall quality of the gates

The final thing that you need to check is the quality of the gates to choose the motor.

If the gate is strong, it will require a good motor for it to function seamlessly. On the other hand, if the gate is small and does not have enough weight, a mediocre gate motor can work.