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Author : Nickbowker Hunting | Published On : 20 Mar 2021

Hunting in Africa is an experience unmatched anywhere on Earth for a wide variety of game animals and century-old hunting traditions, and the spice of danger. Whether you choose to hunt plains game in southern Africa or take on Cape buffalo, go for trophy hunting targeting the kudu or Nylaa, or hunt elephant in the wilds of East Africa, a hunt in Sub-Saharan Africa will create lifetime memories.

You need an experienced outfitter for the Africa hunting safari expedition-

The largest numbers of hunters visit the countries in South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Hunting in these countries is an outstanding experience, especially for first-time hunters. It is also accessible and affordable. On the other hand, East Africa, especially Tanzania, Mozambique, and Ethiopia, have a large number of dangerous-game animals including lions, buffalo, leopards, and elephants. 

Africa hunting safaris in this region are true to the tradition of the luxury tented safaris of the mid-twentieth century. The enthusiast new hunters appeal to the experienced outfitters when planning for a hunting expedition in western and central Africa as there you may confront many challenging games such as bongo and giant eland.

With an extensive variety of terrain, ‘safari-style hunting is super-exciting!

Most hunting in Africa is conducted “safari-style,” where hunters wander around the hunting area in open-topped vehicles searching for games or tracks of the game. When a game is sighted, hunters stalk on foot. Besides, when fresh tracks are spotted, hunters keep on tracking the animals on foot, sometimes for many hours. In the case of leopard hunting, it is usually conducted from a blind over bait. With such a wide variety of terrain and game animals to choose from, hunting in Africa is exciting for everyone.

Long-range hunting Safari in Africa

Long-range hunting offers the chance for hunters to test their shooting and hunting skills and the opportunity for making a significant amount of shots during a single day of hunting. There are few places in Africa with similar diversity and you will find a large number of wild animals available. Experienced and reliable African outfitters like Nick Bowker offer long-range hunting for enthusiasts. The Bedford region is ideal for long-range hunting as the place is filled with broad valleys and plains. Nick Bowker limits the distances to approximately 650 meters. He targets Impala, Springbok, Blesbok, Mountain Reedbuck, and Warthog for long-range hunting.

Wilderness Hunting in Africa

If you need a true wildness hunt during the safari, the outfitters may take you to hunt in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. Wilderness hunting means hunting without any fences or human-made obstacles. Often you need to pay extra time and cost to get to these wilderness areas.

South African hunting areas that are high fenced

When you will be out for a hunting safari, you will experience that the majority of hunting in South Africa is conducted behind high fences. The height of the high fenced areas varies greatly. Often the high fencing is a necessity for outfitters from an economic perspective. For larger high-fenced outfitters, outfitting is often their only source of income. The concept of fair chase hunting and free-roaming applies to high-fenced outfitters.

Is Free-Range Hunting available in South Africa?

Free-Range Hunting is hunting in natural conditions, with freedom of movement. Free-Range South Africa hunting areas are marked by four-foot barbed wire fences. It is designed to stop sheep and cattle movement but not wild animals. The idea is to keep in natural conditions, with freedom of movement. Another concept is “Free-Roaming” in South Africa because the animals are born, live, bred, and die on the property and no human-made barrier prevents the animal’s movement.

South Africa is the most affordable hunting destination in the world where can you hunt so many species at an affordable cost. Nick Bowker offers the most cost-beneficial and all Inclusive African Hunting Safari Packages. So, reach out to Nick Bowker outfitter to plan your hunting expedition.