Vertical Bar Workouts - What You Should Know About How to Use It

Author : Michael Henry | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

You may have seen a vertical barbell holder at one of your local gyms. It's a simple device with a long, narrow handle attached to the top of a vertical bar that has a rack on top. The vertical bar is used for doing exercises like bench presses, shoulder presses and wide-chest exercises such as chest flyes. The handle on the unit can be gripped by both hands for holding onto the barbell at different heights. Most of these holders are about 26 inches in length.


The basic design of this barbell grip is a circle with two points making up the corners of the grip. You hold the barbell with your thumb and index finger overlapping the points of the grip. Your palms should be facing towards you as you hold the barbell with this grip. You may also use a neutral grip if you prefer.


To do a wide-chest exercise, it's important to have a wide grip. This allows you to keep the barbell in contact with your chest throughout the entire workout. Some people like to grip the bars with their pinkies instead of their thumbs. You can try this if you're using lower weight and lower rep sets.

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Some of the other exercises that you can do with the vertical bar include: preacher curls, incline dumbbell presses, flat bench presses, high reps with cable flyes and more. The reason why you need to have a wide grip is so that your grip can support the weight of your body as you perform these exercises. You'll feel a lot more stability and control when doing these exercises with the proper grip. If you don't have a wide grip, the bar will likely fall out of position and you won't be able to perform any of the exercises correctly. If you do grip exercises right, you can perform them quickly and efficiently.


Now that you understand how to use the vertical bar properly, let's take a look at some exercises that target your forearms. Forearms are responsible for doing a lot of the heavy lifting that you do in your workouts. If you want to strengthen them, then you'll definitely want to incorporate barbells into your workouts on a regular basis. So what kind of forearm exercises should you do?


Well, ideally, you'll do incline and flat bench presses with the barbell. You can also perform preacher curls with an inclined grip and flat bench. These exercises work out different forearm muscles. And since you know how to grip the bar properly, you'll only benefit from these exercises.