Unusual Facts About Lanzarote

Author : Pritam Roy | Published On : 21 Apr 2021

Lanzarote is one of the most popular Canary Islands, and with great year-round weather, sandy beaches, and a unique, lunar landscape, it’s easy to see why. A mountainous interior populated with vegetation indigenous to this part of the world gives way to white sandy beaches and beautiful blue water. Lanzarote isn’t all about relaxing on the beach however, the island has several hidden secrets that the average holidaymaker might not know about.

Place in the Canaries – Lanzarote is the fourth largest Canary island, and the most northerly

Volcanic Activity – In 1700 Lanzarote was affected by a number of violent volcanic eruptions that lead inhabitants to emigrate. The eruptions lasted for over 30 years and actually made the island bigger due to the volume of cooled and dried lava that was deposited.

First Inhabitants – Each island has its own story about its first settlers, Lanzarote’s early inhabitants hailed from Africa, arriving around 5 B.C, and were called Moja.

Geography – Although Lanzarote is the most volcanic Canary Island, it is the least mountainous

National Park – Lanzarote’s main national park is Timanfaya, visitors flock to see the geothermic activity, steaks are also cooked her on rocks heated by the underground lava!

Food – Like its bigger mainland brother, Lanzarote, Tapas is popular but the national dish is Mojo Potatoes, small baked potatoes with the skin on, served with red and green sauces.


Activities – Watersports are very popular, particularly on the northern side of the island where the winds are strong and the sea rougher

Theme Park – The Racho Texas Park  is Lanzarote's most popular theme park and a firm favorite for families taking Lanzarote holidays

Off lying Islands – Surrounding Lanzarote like moons orbiting a planet are three smaller islands, Montana, Clara, and Alegranza

Flora – The Jardim de Cactus, or Cactus garden is one of the island’s most popular attractions

Wine Making – The island makes its own wine in the La Geria region, with a landscape manufactured to allow vines to grow in high winds


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