University of London- Distance Courses

Author : Podar World College | Published On : 24 May 2021

This institution based in London is a federally funded public research university in England. In 1836, a royal charter created the university as a degree-awarding examination board for students with diplomas from University College London and King's College London, as well as "other such other Institutions" and the main purpose of it being Education, be it in metropolis or any other part in United Kingdom making it one of three universities in England to claim the status of third-oldest university. It was replaced by a federal government in 1900. It is presently incorporated under the terms of its fourth royal charter (1863), and is managed by the University of London Act 2018. It was the first University in the United Kingdom to provide women with examinations by 1869 and then a decade later allow women into degrees.

The institution has roughly 48,000 external distance learning students and internal campus-based students, making it the largest university in the United Kingdom in terms of student population. The University of London's member institutions, which have an international reputation for teaching and research, have established and assessed the programmes offered for studying, as well as all of the resources supplied. Universities, businesses, and specialised professional and authorities value and recognise the high mark of the qualifications.

As it is not possible for everyone all the way to England to seek these prestigious degrees, University of London also offers courses in other countries through distance- learning programs and online courses. Basic purpose of these type of programs are providing flexibility in studying according to our own schedule, helping students understand their own pace for learning and help them educate themselves without any additional stress of the change in environment and excessive expenditure.

In India, University of London courses in Mumbai are readily available and accessible by students above the age of 17. Providing degrees in undergraduate programmes of Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) online, helps the university build current students and alumni into people who can shape the world. Many of them being highly successful and sought after entrepreneurs. Many different students studying from across the world forms a globally knit community where students find themselves in a safe and secure environment motivated to grow by innovation, openness and commitment which will help them be a responsible and respectful global citizen.

Some top colleges in Juhu also provide the courses and programs initially provided by Lond (university of London). Currently 439 students are enrolled in the university from India in full degree program making this option of receiving higher education a way which has its rising popularity but has yet to be explored by many Indians. A degree from the University of London is highly recognised and can lead to a range of desirable employment. The graduates go on to work in prestigious law firms, banks, international corporations, and professional services firms, as well as continue their education at prominent colleges throughout the world. The best part is, alumni from India are ever ready to share their experience with students who are interested.