Author : Marry Anderson | Published On : 14 Oct 2021

A standard opal engagement ring is uniquely designed based on a design, an attractive gemstone and good metal. So those who want to pick a memorable ring need to have a prior idea about these issues.When you are looking for the ideal engagement ring you can stop by the match of designs in different stores. If you don’t want to go for the same cookie cutter design but there are some really unique options, you need to know a little more. Equipped with this information you can look for something that is as unique and subtle as your relationship.The first way to choose a unique engagement ring is to decide on a different setting. Moving away from the classic solitaire, you can choose rings with designs so that the diamonds are set differently. Tension rings are an example, they center the diamond and allow light to pass through the stone. Diamonds can also have different cuts such as trillions of triangle shaped diamonds, oval shaped, pear shaped, hope and cushion cut etc. Cognac, chocolate and black are all great options.


Another way to get your exclusive touch is to choose a stone other than an opal wedding ring. The ring has a variety of colored stones to add a hint of vitality. Options include Tanzanite, Mysterious Topaz, Aquamarine, Ruby, Opal etc. The combination of this unconventional stone with diamonds also looks great and will be your fiance's precious right forever.If your sweetheart is driven away by the attractions of the old world, giving her a ring with antique design is a smart thing. You can of course find a family heirloom to find something suitable and polish and prepare it for special days. However this does not apply to everyone so you can hunt for one at antique or fifteen shops, estate sales and online auctions. In this case the possibility of fraud is high so extreme caution is advised.Some jewelry designers understand fetish that people have an antique look and have their own line-up of antique designs. The color of the metal used in the ring also goes a long way in determining its appearance. Although yellow gold is the most common choice, another popular option is white gold and platinum. However you can choose tungsten or even colored titanium. Unusual shades of gold like roses or geisha also add a different kind of charm to the opal ring.Engraving your name or initials on the ring is definitely a great way to make it peerless and non-parallel. Personally you ring, after all each relationship is beautiful in its own special way.