Understanding The Beauty Of Colorbond Roofing Solution

Author : Tyler Gowlland | Published On : 14 Jan 2022

Durability, aesthetic appeal, various colours and ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions have made colorbond a truly magnificent roofing solution in Sydney and around Australia. It has become one of the most popular choices for people all around Australia. You might have seen the colorbond roof in many a place and so now the question arises why it is so famous!


It was not until 1966 that colour bond steel was introduced in Australia. However, this is not the original form and it has undergone various changes giving out as many as 22 colours. These are very good for outdoor utilisation. You will get benefits like anticorrosive, durable and utilisation in different buildings be it residential, commercial or industrial.


The colorbond roofing solution is specifically designed for the Australian climatic conditions because of the extremities. Regular roofs and other materials cannot withstand the climate because of its harshness. Colorbond steel is tested out under extreme conditions so that it can withstand all the climate yet stays magnificent all around the year. Colorbond roof looks amazing and lasts for a lifetime. It is also fire resistant and you can use it in bushfires zones without a doubt.


Each one of the colour bond roofs has Thermatech solar reflectance technology that is designed to reflect most of the sun’s heat and keep the interior cool, especially during hot days. This is a very good option through which you can actually save money that you spend on keeping the house cool.


One of the reasons why colorbond roofing solution in Sydney is so popular is especially because of its range of colour options available. You can go wild when it comes to working with colorbond material. It is also popular for its versatility and ample applications. You can bend it easily and create the necessary shape for any kind of roof design. You will get the colorbond roof in hundred metres sheet that offers a seamless roof. The colorbond does not require any additional maintenance, it is lightweight and very easy to transport. You will be stunned to know that the colorbond sheet material is made with recycled materials saving a lot of money and being kind to the environment.


Colorbond is not just a painted sheet of steel but it has five layers of protection. Because of its high capacity strength, it is used in different buildings without a second thought.


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