Understanding the basics of cash flow management

Author : Tohme accountant | Published On : 12 Mar 2021

Cash flow management is all about the amount of money that comes in and goes out of the organization. It deals with the prediction of the amount of cash that a business will contain for its future. The process outlines the amount of funds your business needs to cover debts, such as paying staff and suppliers. You need to have a qualified accountant in Montreal for looking into this aspect of your business and making sure that that the organization has enough funds to function. Given below are the common methods followed for effective management of cash flow.

Setting the budget is the first step

The first thing you need to do is to make a proper cash flow budget. The accountants and their modern software will be helpful to you in understanding the outflows and inflows over time.

Figure out the outflows and inflows

An estimation of the annual expenses of the company, while factoring the incremental expenses for implementation of business strategy, gives you the cash outflows for the year. It also includes the costs incurred by you for running the business. Similarly, cash inflows get estimated by considering the annual sales and the impact of the decision on the forecast of the cash flow.

Get short term financing

Short term financing can be used to make emergency purchase or bridging gaps between payables and receivables. An example of short term financing is a line of credit. The line of credit needs to get negotiated with the financial institutions before the need arises for the company. Financial institutions can be approached after they have had a good year or quarter.

Explore long term financing

Major assets are purchased with long-term loans, and not with the working capital of the company. It allows you to spread the payments all over the lifecycle of the asset. The interests have to be paid, but at the minimum, you will need to have the working capital saved for business operations.

Handling the financial risk

There is hardly any business ever that has never had to deal with the financial risk at some point. Sudden cancellation of a major project or the arrival of it can lead to major cash flow issues for the company. Risk analysis forms a part and parcel of the cash flow management process because your business is dependent on it for continued operations.

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