Ultimate Guide to Dairy Free Protein Powders

Author : Duke Davidson | Published On : 13 Apr 2021

People usually count on protein powders for being active and working out. But you must know that protein powder is a supplement and not a whole food. It is prepared from protein extracts of edible items. The preparation involves numerous processing methods that thoroughly depend upon the required concentration of the protein and considered food type.

A few general extraction methods include minimal, and might, which is "raw," whereas other processing methods are rigorous and comprise chemicals. Research reveals, people usually count on dairy free protein powders for better results. To understand this in a better way, let's go through some frequently asked questions about protein powders. Will it help you to decide either you need a dairy free protein powder or not?

Do You Need Dairy-Free Protein Powder?

We recommend discussing this with your doctor and dietitian initially. The effects vary from one person to another, so you must know it is suitable for you or not. None other than a doctor or dietitian can be better for this. Below we have mentioned some critical points which will help to decide why one should dairy-free protein powders:

. It adds balanced nutrients to the smoothie or meal, which could be low in protein.

. For compensating a dietary protein deficiency.

. Act as a post-workout recovery shake.

. Helps in coping up with protein needs with a liquid diet.

. For augmenting a high-protein diet.

. It encourages the power of muscle mass in weight lifting and other active tasks.

Don't consider these points as recommendations; just go through them as an example which implies why people usually consume protein powders.

How Much Protein Should You Eat?

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein intake is 0.36 grams/ pound of the body weight. Or we can say a person with 150 pounds of body weight will require 54 grams of protein intake. The minimum amount of protein one must add within diet as per the doctors, dieticians, and researchers. Furthermore, this significant amount gets increased as the no. Of physical activity increases. If you are a fitness freak who works out, remains highly active, then the amount of protein gets doubled.
Do Dairy-Free Protein Powders Provide Complete Protein?

When we talk about a complete protein, you should be clear that the amount must contain an appropriate proportion of nine crucial amino acids. The crucial amino acids are the ones that we must intake through food and aren't prepared/produced by our body. Well, you don't have to consume all of them differently. Various dairy-free foods include complete proteins, including meat, fish, or eggs. Also, when it comes to plant-based foods, then there are only a few that can be considered as complete proteins.

What If I Don't Like Dairy-Free Protein Powder?

The dairy free protein powders' taste and texture are different from others due to the specific ingredients. But, if you desire better health, it's sometimes better to compromise a bit with taste.

How Much Dairy-Free Protein Powder Should I Use?

Again this can be better described by the doctor and dietitians. But if we talk in general, then go for one to two tablespoons of dairy-free protein powder within the smoothie/shake. The minimal amount will help you out from getting overwhelmed because of the taste and texture.

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